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Hi code of conduct, I’m dad!

dads.cool is a Mastodon instance for dads.

“Dad” is a gender-neutral term that is self-applied; anyone with a kid can be a dad.

Use this space for jokes, stories, photos, questions, complaints, or whatever else you like.

Since the instance is dad-oriented, users may choose to post personally identifiable information about themselves or their families—if you share someone else’s private information or photos without their consent (including outside of this instance) you will be banned from dads.cool.

While dads need all the help they can get, unsolicited advice is a no-go. Please ask permission before making a recommendation, and use extra care when health or kids are concerned.

Use CWs for toots about medical or money matters. Lewd content isn’t forbidden, but this would be an odd instance to post that sort of stuff.