watched Shin Godzilla 👍

* with 4YO 😬

** told 4YO they could watch until they got scared 👍

*** didn't get scared, instead watched until fell asleep on me 🙂

**** which was over 1 hour 😬

Shin Godzilla 

I imagine if this movie had a US rating it would only be PG ?!

This morning 4YO wanted to rewatch scenes of it! Mainly of silly wiggly googly eyed Second Form Godzilla

There's zero graphic violence, no personal harm shots, just city-scale buildings and vehicles destruction stuff, not bad for a kid who understands it isn't real, just models and effects.

4YO watched some of the bits they missed, so I am still thinking about this movie for a third day

the first couple minutes made me think this was gonna be "Cloverfield but with Godzilla"

it's definitely not!

and that one shot of the traffic tunnel had me worried it was going to be much scarier

*steals Thomas' bit of watching every Godzilla movie, except it takes me 20 years*

last Shin Godzilla note 

(new to me) a good related watch is "Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo", a creepier and more explicitly theological Ghibli short, apparently by the same guy as SG, with visual and thematic overlap 🔥

"Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo" 

Here's an upload with English subs


@touk you jest but "Shin Moomin" was literally a real thing

@touk also our kid was super into All Monsters Attack for a while when they were around 3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Monsters_Attack

@touk it's literally about a primary schooler who gets bullied and learns to stand up to the bully by imagining himself helping Minilla do the same

there's probably no Godzilla film more overtly aimed at children, and it's a fuckin Criterion Collection film nowadays too

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