my thoughts about the five games in Jackbox Party Pack 8

Job Job: a game where you rearrange other players' answers to simple prompts into funny responses to job interview questions -- pretty good as long as everybody playing buys in and provides long-enough answers to work with; probably the most straightforward of the games

Poll Mine: everybody ranks responses to opinion questions like "worst clothing to sleep in" or "best passive-aggressive email signature", then splits into teams that try to figure out how the entire group ranked the opinions -- generated the best discussions and interactions between players; the last round where you have to rank everything in order from bottom to top is a little hard but very satisfying when you get it right

Weapons Drawn: a social deduction game where the central mechanic is drawing a "murder weapon" that hides a letter in the artist's name within the drawing -- has a lot of moving parts, was a little slow to get going, but people seemed to be very invested in it by the end once we figured out how it all worked

Drawful Animate: the third Drawful game; one player gets a prompt and draws a two-frame animation, everybody else writes a plausible prompt and then votes on the one they think is the real one -- the best version of Drawful yet, the animation feature is pretty simple but adds a lot of expressiveness to the drawings; the prompts are explicitly written to stump the usual strategies players used in previous Drawful games

@touk it apparently snuck up on most people, most of my usual group didn't realize a new pack was out this week

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