“Is Alien a horror movie?” is a current discourse on Film Twitter and fuck I am so glad that I can come here to avoid that

@Thomas imagine watching fucking Alien and not thinking it's a horror movie; what the fuck do *you* think it is, and if you say "thriller" it's on sight

@derek she went with "science fiction" and said that basically any movie set in space is already horror because space is scary, so because of that *no* movie set in space can be defined as horror or something like that that made no fucking sense

@Thomas @derek It is exactly sci-fi / horror, imo. But not because it's "set in space". A movie can be set in space and be neither sci-fi nor horror.

@djsundog @touk @derek the first sentence of the description "The stars of a 1970s sci-fi show - now scraping a living through re-runs and sci-fi conventions - are beamed aboard an alien spacecraft."

@Thomas @djsundog @derek I'm looking at space movies now. It's easy to pick ones that are "not horror". I guess it's harder to call them "not sci-fi" if we all equate space = science...

@Thomas @djsundog @derek Like IMDB lists Serenity (the Firefly spinoff). Not horror. Is it sci-fi though? Is it about science? Somewhat? (I saw it a long time ago, don't remember the plot details)

@touk @djsundog @derek I mean, any sufficiently advanced space craft or tech makes it sci fi whether or not it's *about* science

@Thomas @djsundog @derek Gravity...? of course it's sci-fi, she's trapped in space! But... what if she were trapped in a lab on earth, would we automatically call that sci-fi?

@touk @Thomas @djsundog well if she's just in a lab doing science shit, then no, that would be a thriller, right?

@derek @Thomas @djsundog If they're trapped in an elevator, is that sci-fi... elevators are technology... made with science...

@Thomas @touk @djsundog yes, this sotry becomes sci-fi if it's an impossible future-tech elevator that can speak or whatever

@derek @Thomas @touk @djsundog some element of the technology has to be speculative or fantastical in order for it to be scifi. like, First Man is not sci fi. even the Astronaut Farmer is probably not sci fi

@Thomas @derek @touk @djsundog this hellthread brought to you by The Astronaut Farmer

@alex @Thomas @touk @djsundog We haven't had a laserdiscourse hellthread in a dog's age, good work, team


@derek @alex @Thomas @djsundog Thomas tried to avoid horror debates and instead blew up sci-fi debates

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