Just wondering.

@touk to be fair, it’d be very difficult to work from home as an emt

@touk ugh I read it backwards and ticked the wrong one. This is what I get for internetting in bed... >_<

@bouncinglime I didn't put much thought into the order! Sorry

@touk nah it was just me not paying attention and mucking up your data hahaha

@touk I’m approaching a year working from home and I do not like it anymore

@giromide @Thomas @touk
I dread going back to that office, and the CEO promised that I will be required to. I'm actively looking for a job that might remain remote.

@john @giromide @touk it is totally within the realm of possibility that I never return to an office. My job is a PC and a telephone. I just want to be around people again

@Thomas @john @touk My company is officially WFH until end of March, but I wouldn't be surprised by another extension through the end of summer.

@Thomas @giromide @touk

Different strokes for different folks.

There's no practical reason I should have ever gone into any office. Well, maybe once or twice I could imagine an excuse. But the company wants people in the office - they're afraid we might move away from their locality if they don't make us come to the office. It's an extremely in-bed-with government industry, and I suspect this is their way of "bringing jobs to the area" to gain favor.

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