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*2YO crouching under the sink*
"I'm the trash now."

reinstalled Instagram last night, and I see they / their ad network uhh 100% absolutely still spy on your microphone for ad keywords? undeniable, dude

ASMR: My 4YO Trying To Pronounce "Gargoyles" For An Hour

doctor says not covid, maybe the ol' Handfootmouth. [sadly fistbumps @andy]

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let's hope 4YO has a regular stomach bug and continues to somehow never test positive for covid

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Steely Danposting 

rebranding as and forcing myself to finish the box set by Halloween 😎

also ditching the numeric song ratings because they're asinine and I loathe them! I just wanna share brief thoughts!

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now going to work [🎶 work sucks] for the second time today

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🎶 Mid day
Come home
Kid's sick
I know 🎶

🎶 You could have it all...
My Erniepire of Bert...
I will let you down...
I will Big you Bird... 🎶


2022 Dadsite "Force Majeure" Watch Party [we all group cry for a week afterward]

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away" sure ok, but if I'm desperately trying to see a doctor, should I cancel apple picking plans, or

post-equinox sun burn (couldn't be me) [could be 1YO and my wife tho]

logging 7.5 hours of Miscellaneous Screaming on my timesheet

crushing the american healthcare system into antimatter in my fist

when Run said "When I wake up people take up mostly all of my time" I felt that

I said the word "equinox" about 500 times today while waking up 4YO. Alternating between explaining the science and etymology behind it, but also, just shouting the words "AUTUMNAL! E-QUI-NOX!" over and over because they're good and fun.

I am the healthiest dad on mastodon right now (and I ain't feeling great myself)

we're out practicing Akira slides on the Big Wheels

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I'm gonna pause this madness and watch the rest in one sitting, this doesn't seem like the kind of movie to break into pieces

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started Akira 1988 while baby naps on me and holy hell

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