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Why yes, there IS a world record for tallest recorded dandelion. It was found in Canada, in the wild, in 2011. Officially 5'10" — though they first claimed 6'4". Thanks for asking, here on

currently debating 2YO on whether
- it is afternoon, and
- Tuesday is part of the weekend

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2YO learned the words kayak and canoe, so R.I.P. "carboats"

6" x 6" square smartphone with CD-ROM slot

20 million signature petition that Daddy Longlegs be renamed Leggy Longdads

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american parents are like "oh boy can't wait to see my infant this weekend"

Complete list of what has scared 2YO to tears:

🌋 Lava monster at the end of Moana (ok now)
🌿 Plant attack 2/3 through Coraline (didn't finish - we didn't know how creepy it was)
🌊 The Lighthouse trailer (didn't finish)

You can't show kids movies but they can generally survive a 2-minute green band trailer 💫

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2YO reviews the Color Out Of Space (2020) trailer as "weird", "scary", and "I like it a little bit"

mentally sorting the to-do list into
• can do with 2YO
• cannot do with 2YO
• can probably do with 2YO, but it will be a slow distracted ordeal

work, health + 

First day WFH in over a month, hell yes I'm running 5K at lunch time

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hospitaldome, two human enter, three human leave

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