endlessly fascinated by this modest 1,700 sq ft ranch in my neighborhood that decided to dress up as a McMansion for Halloween


just made a batch of ginger molasses cookies so perfectly formed, so fragrant, so adorably ooey gooey chewy that I started talking to them like a litter of puppies before they were even out of the oven

every 10 years, a new generation is doomed to independently invent planking

lewd stuff in the news 

so it turns out the Yahoo News article about a man getting his anus licked on camera is neither the strangest *nor* the lewdest thing in my feed right now

slur for Roma people 

So confused by the editorial decisions around this headline & subhead. Like, y'all printed the offensive word right there. Twice. I don't think we need to take anyone's word for it

* Breaking News Alert * watercolors surprisingly effective as nail polish

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NFTs are asinine, climate-destroying techbro bullshit but I unironically love that Disaster Girl just made a half million dollars off this meme

For as long as I can remember, my mom has plastered the back of her bathroom door (facing the toilet) with a rotating mix of inspirational clippings: greeting cards featuring Rumi poems, trimmed printouts of emails with advice for living an attachment-free life, feminist New Yorker cartoons, magazine pull-quotes from Jane Austen or MLK... and this:


the photos can't even do it justice, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing objects I've ever seen much less created much less get to deliciously destroy

(redrafted to add an extra photo and captions)

uspol, NYT headline 

For I think the first time ever, the NYT is plainly calling Trump a liar instead of dancing around terms like 'falsehoods' or 'inaccuracies'

Gee, and all it took was a nation teetering on the razor's edge of autocracy

is it just me or does the Marlins logo look like the fish is getting Randy Johnson-ed?

(i.e. the time his pitching exploded a pigeon)

List of awkward hugs 

tag yourself, I'm Finger-tip Hug

food, coronabaking, video evidence of perfection 

if you listen closely you can hear the crust cracking as it cools

COVID-19, storytelling, workposting 

My company, Avanoo, is looking for stories from the COVID-19 frontlines to elevate and amplify. These could be ordinary or extraordinary stories from nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, volunteers - anyone keeping us safe during this time. They'll receive story coaching and a lightly produced video of them sharing their story - sad, happy, inspirational, surprising - and we'll help their voice be heard. Do you have or know someone who has a story to share?

channeling some serious Chaos Nerd energy with this strategy


dads.cool is a Mastodon instance for dads, running the Hometown fork of Mastodon.

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