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"I wrote some great posts in this thread, it's worth sharing again," said Tom, giving himself a boost.

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Men or masculine-identified folks, check out this project!

It's run by a friend of mine who excels in helping other men connect with the best and truest parts of themselves, and build a brotherhood where we can support each other in living into healthy, responsible, wholehearted masculinity.

I've been part of a small volunteer group helping to facilitate these events for a few months now and it's always a generative, restorative, challenging-in-a-growth-way experience.

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this concludes my 1am PSA on flossing. in summation, running thread between your teeth is weird but good actually

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friendly reminder that regardless of your anatomy, sitting to pee is hygienic and respectful and good

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the actual win condition of Monopoly is when you flip the board in frustration, violently upending the entire capitalist system rather than hand your last dollar to a gleeful wealth-hoarding rules lawyer

this is not a joke, that's actually the anti-capitalist reaction the game was designed to provoke

I just saw someone refer to going vegan as "I became plant-based" and no, I'm sorry, you are still physically made of meat

The Twins have somehow changed the language setting of the Roomba to Spanish.

*sigh* Again.

I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB


Instead of a single "play" button

A "play over speakers," "play over Bluetooth" and a "play muted" button

All of which are visible, separate buttons and always in the same order

2YO: “how do firefighters climb ladders?”
Me, powerless to resist the urge: “very carefully”

Today my wife stopped me during my outdoor chore time to inquire as to why I had dug a particular hole on our property. I paused and felt a chill up my spine as I was visited by a specter — slender and pale, wrapped in ropes and weight like a beast of burden, wielding blades and spikes — who whispered in my ear, rendering me captive, gripped by the icy paralysis of profound nihilist truth, and I uttered, as if mastered by this ghostly puppeteer-mountaineer of legend: “because it wasn’t there.”

this post brought to you by overhearing my sister explaining the Incredible Hulk as "kind of like Louisa"

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sure, Disney has spent 100 years selling girls on white eurocentric heteronormative "princess" culture, but the only fictional characters my 3.5 year old white femme child truly idolizes are Moana Moana and Louisa Encanto, two women of color who could kill you with their thighs. so who's to say if it's good or not

4yo nephew, talking about superheroes: "I want to be Catboy" 😼

every time I see someone post MtG: ah yes, Mountain the Goats

*at the bar*
Bartender: This is from the gentleman over there.
Woman: ...This is a plant?
Me, shouting across the bar: I just wanted to say aloe!

What did the mermaid say when she figured out how to calculate her chest circumference and bust size? 

It's basic algae bra

a child is just a tiny, expensive comedian who lives in your home and cries sometimes

cuba? too low-poly. call me when they have a sphera.

star wars is bad as hell and that's what makes it so good

Fine, here's my insightful take on manhood:

How to tell if you're a man: Does it make you happy to think of yourself as one? If you're not sure, try it out. Take as much time as you need. Much love to you on this journey.

How to be a man: Think of yourself as one. If you feel safe doing so, tell other people.

How to be a good man: Be a good person while thinking of yourself as a man.

Is your water glass empty? Good, Perish under the burning gaze of a ruthless sun. All will be desert eventually. Your "hydration" doesn't matter.

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