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Men or masculine-identified folks, check out this project!

It's run by a friend of mine who excels in helping other men connect with the best and truest parts of themselves, and build a brotherhood where we can support each other in living into healthy, responsible, wholehearted masculinity.

I've been part of a small volunteer group helping to facilitate these events for a few months now and it's always a generative, restorative, challenging-in-a-growth-way experience.

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this concludes my 1am PSA on flossing. in summation, running thread between your teeth is weird but good actually

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friendly reminder that regardless of your anatomy, sitting to pee is hygienic and respectful and good

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I could care less about the fact that it's actually "I *couldn't* care less"

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the actual win condition of Monopoly is when you flip the board in frustration, violently upending the entire capitalist system rather than hand your last dollar to a gleeful wealth-hoarding rules lawyer

this is not a joke, that's actually the anti-capitalist reaction the game was designed to provoke

"dance like nobody's watching" voice: dress like you're leaving the house

Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me.
The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality.

We slowly drove, he knew no haste
And I had put away
My labor and my leisure too,
For his civility

Pokémon! (Gotta Catch ‘Em All!)
A heart so true, our courage will pull us through!
You teach me and I’ll teach you
Pokémon! Gotta Catch ‘Em
Gotta Catch ‘Em All, Pokémon!

Like I used to get frustrated with my partner for how much longer it would take her to do a crossword, even though she's very smart & knowledgeable. And eventually she found a way to explain it to me, that "doing a crossword" is a specific cultural skill that's not just about making "common-sense" connections and leveraging "general knowledge". Crosswords have all these assumptions and conventions baked into the way clues are phrased, and I happened to absorb those from my parents; she didn't.

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Really there are just surprisingly few things in life that *are truly common* across our experiences, and what you think of as "common sense" or "general knowledge" is actually a pretty unique constellation of stuff that's probably unconfortably tied to the various forms of privilege (or lack thereof) that have defined your personal bubble and path through life

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People will say "the thing about common sense is that it isn't very common (yuk yuk)" with this, like, disdainful sarcasm, as though the problem is that most people are idiots. No dude, the problem is you're just too much of an asshole to imagine that anyone who hasn't been exposed to the same knowledge & opportunities as you could possibly be a functional adult

just now learning that Fanta was invented by the Nazis' Coca Cola branch during the war when they ran out of Coke syrup

With no context, I just set up 3YO with "HIGHWAY TO THE _______" and they filled in "ground!"

@touk it sounds like your child has a strong intuitive understanding of the stakes in the movie Top Gun

is great because the shit kids say has mass appeal and will absolutely wreck your notifs

the only downside is knowing that, somewhere, a gen Z-er has just identified you as a New Type Of Guy who becomes a parent purely to chase clout

3yo nephew gave himself and my 2yo new nicknames: he's Wankie, she's Tankie. It's like they're already spinning up their own fedi instance

is this anything 

graham piano

my 2-year-old just referred to the sequins on her shirt as a "heart of glass" so I'm doing my part to make sure the next generation appreciates Debbie Harry

re: the real spicy take that shows ya girl is a southerner whomst is perhaps bitter, and would be excellent to just toss into a crowd of yankee academics to see them go absolutely batshit over 

please also note this ain't me saying the civil war was just uprising of oppressed against the oppressors. if it actually was that, we might have a lot less problems

instead it was two bunches of oppressors having a disagreement about how to best exploit their colony. and you can really tell this is so because of how hard the north peaced the fuck out, and decided to not invest in things like 'making sure the atrocities actually stop instead of just happening under a slightly different name'. the exploitation of black people was never the problem. it was just about the method of exploitation.

it turns out that just letting that fester isn't actually good or morally right!

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the real spicy take that shows ya girl is a southerner whomst is perhaps bitter, and would be excellent to just toss into a crowd of yankee academics to see them go absolutely batshit over 

america suffers from much of the same problems and tensions brought on by colonialization, not because we are a former colony as much as america began as a colony and then decided to colonize part of itself instead of consider why colonialism wasn't a winning play

first the colony was the south, and when that created a big enough problem of a war, the country did not actually back down from the idea of "maybe this loop of exploiting a colony and depending on that is bad". the colony just became the west, and then as time went on, places like hawaii, puerto rico, et cetera.

much of the pernicious yankee racism in america comes from people who understand that america was colonized, but don't want to admit that the impulse was something that could have been rebuffed. and especially they do not want to admit how much the northeastern cities in america acted like colonizing powers towards other parts of america - they do not want to admit that is where power was held and people made decisions to intentionally exploit other regions of the country for resources, and how much of the northeast's industry and importance was built on that colonialist model of "bring the raw resources here for us to refine".

this doesn't contradict the fact that white americans also colonized, well, the very land we're now on, by pushing out and cruelly genociding those native peoples who stood in the way.

but a lot of folks don't see the secondary stage to this where america straight-up started eating itself rather than not do a colonialism, and how much of that we fawn over and lionize ("go west, young man!" - i'm not immune to this, i too played oregon trail), instead of admitting that maybe this was a bad idea.

yankee bullshit when it comes to anti-black racism specifically is driven by people who live in the northeast and are dedicated to denying that the northeast had anything to do with such a cycle, when in fact that colonialist mindset was the primary driver of this whole damn system.

to hold any of that accountable is to admit that maybe racism doesn't exist just in the south, and that maybe they can be racist too - which is why they fight and scream and cry so fucking hard against doing it.

and if not that, they would then have to admit how much lasting power that has given them, with power in the future still. they would have to admit that on some level, the northeast's power in america is fading. they are in the sunset of their empire, exactly like how shitty british politicans like to pretend the history is them being funny friends who like tea, when looking into the history of hong kong or india will tell you a very fucking different tale.

this is all too terribly upsetting for yankee minds to process, so they don't, and instead tut-tut at the south as the source of all racial problems and continue to be racist themselves north of the mason-dixon line

my 2-year-old reviews one of those greenish-red grapes tomatoes 

"it's very very brown, and I very very like it"

I'm amazed how frequently people fail to realize "no political discussions" is a political stance pretty explicitly in favor of the status quo

ketchup rebranding as red velvet mustard

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