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"I wrote some great posts in this thread, it's worth sharing again," said Tom, giving himself a boost.

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Men or masculine-identified folks, check out this project!

It's run by a friend of mine who excels in helping other men connect with the best and truest parts of themselves, and build a brotherhood where we can support each other in living into healthy, responsible, wholehearted masculinity.

I've been part of a small volunteer group helping to facilitate these events for a few months now and it's always a generative, restorative, challenging-in-a-growth-way experience.

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this concludes my 1am PSA on flossing. in summation, running thread between your teeth is weird but good actually

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friendly reminder that regardless of your anatomy, sitting to pee is hygienic and respectful and good

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the actual win condition of Monopoly is when you flip the board in frustration, violently upending the entire capitalist system rather than hand your last dollar to a gleeful wealth-hoarding rules lawyer

this is not a joke, that's actually the anti-capitalist reaction the game was designed to provoke

Out of nowhere, my nephew just asked, “Do you think Pavlov thought about feeding his dog every time he heard a bell ring?” and now I’m going to be haunted by this question.

93 year old kids when nat king cole no longer offers them his simple phrase

My hobby: calling playing cards “club of fours” “heart of queens” “spade of twos” etc etc

Lots of white folks have responded to my popular post with "But what if ..." So here's a longer explanation for the all of my fellow privileged server admins.

At its heart, this isn't complicated. It's a question of "Do I value safety for PoC/women/trans people more, or do I value free speech for white people more?"

When a community member comes to you with a report of bigotry or harassment, time is of the essence.


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masto servers actually very easy to understand: its like every individual apartment in your complex is having a house party at once, and if you scream loud enough all your friends can hear you through the walls

Okay friends

Movie suggestion time

Tell me the name of the movie where you're like "this one is actually very good, but everyone forgets about it"



hey babe, are you a wasp's nest? because I KNOW hitting that is a bad idea on every level, but a part of me wants to do it anyway just to see what will happen

#BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter

The title of this thread is called "Angry Black Women".

On January 20, 2017 this picture was my Facebook avatar. It is Michelle Obama at the inauguration of the 45th president. About a month later, a white female person I know texted me "Can you change your avatar photo, now." Which I did. The following is a selection of the Angry Black Women avatars I used since. These Angry Black Women changed out lives for the better.

my son just pointed at a TV with a football game on and said "that's baseball!"

really takes after his dad

HOT OLDER MEN in YOUR AREA want to know if YOU have been TOUCHING the THERMOSTAT.

Me: the kids haven't eaten their sandwiches
Wife: ok just throw them out

Me *helping the kids pack a suitcase* look I'm as surprised as you are

@benhamill he could make a prequel about the building of the ship. I’m sure it would be riveting.


it's art! she's not even 4! can we please just let her express herself and make her own observations 🤬😤

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I get so unreasonably annoyed with some of the normative lessons my kiddo picks up from other adults. like I know I'm constantly "norming" at her myself, and only sometimes thoughtfully. but when her drawings of people suddenly start looking different and I find out it's because her grandma told her that arms and legs don't come out of the head, I feel like something has been stolen from me

I do not like that this needs to exist, but I'mma boost it until it's not. Do likewise, as you will.

It is weird to me how now a name of "" is most likely spam, but "" is probably a real person

the existence of Taylor Swift implies the existence of Taylor Quick Attack, Taylor Guillotine, Taylor Mega Punch and Taylor Double Team

whenever Colm Meaney’s character on DS9 is parenting on his own? that’s Solo Dad O’Brien

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