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this concludes my 1am PSA on flossing. in summation, running thread between your teeth is weird but good actually

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friendly reminder that regardless of your anatomy, sitting to pee is hygienic and respectful and good

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I could care less about the fact that it's actually "I *couldn't* care less"

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the actual win condition of Monopoly is when you flip the board in frustration, violently upending the entire capitalist system rather than hand your last dollar to a gleeful wealth-hoarding rules lawyer

this is not a joke, that's actually the anti-capitalist reaction the game was designed to provoke

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channeling some serious Chaos Nerd energy with this strategy

@pfx my relatives from the US east coast say "get your rear in gear" meaning to hurry

Hey! Share some fun metaphors you know from languages you speak.

I'll start:
"get a wiggle on" meaning to hurry;
"stare daggers" meaning to look at someone angrily;
"last ditch effort" a desperate final attempt (originates from WW1 trench warfare).


i feel like i'd be a good dad because i'm always saying completely unprompted shit like "y'know the secret to a great falafel is using good pickles."

reduce your ableist language (contains examples of same) 

There’s a *lot* of ableist language in common parlance. These words and similar ones exist as slurs towards neurodivergent folks in particular. Try pushing yourself to replace/eliminate them.

crazy, insane, mental ➡️ wild, surprising, hectic
dumb, stupid ➡️ foolish, silly
idiot, moron, dumbass ➡️ bigot, asshole, fool

In addition, you are encouraged to think through what you’re trying to say better, and address what the real issue worth criticising is. And if you can’t rephrase it, maybe it didn’t need to be said at all.

us culture, cursed, gun adjacent, food adjacent 

Just drove past a billboard touting "Boots - Bullets - Britches - Bologna"

Advertisement for a cowboy deli, or someone's attempt to call bullshit on the rural American aesthetic?

why are they called ecosocialists and not leaftists

world politics 

i really 🤨 every time some govt organization or politician does some horrible act and people are like "that's an international crime!" oh yeah? who's going in the Earth Jail right now? everything seems to be operating on the honor system

more mechs need to have their fights in the fleeting orange of autumn

the linux game is trying to only get problems that very few other people have ever had. if too many people have had the same problem, it's hell to look up a solution since 99% of the results are too basic and stuff you already know won't work in your case. if too few people have had the same problem, well there probably isn't a solution. so you must walk exactly on the line of rare problems


the idiom economy is in dire straits. an ounce of prevention is currently worth only a couple ounces of cure. a bird in the hand is actually worth less than one in the bush. it's mayhem


List of awkward hugs 

tag yourself, I'm Finger-tip Hug

Your friendly reminder to remove the Google Amp junk from the URLs you share

accidentally imported a pet shirt experiment design onto a kid's onesie and now i cant stop laughing at a baby wearing an "I BITE RACISTS" shirt lmfao

What's patriarchy? 

It's reigning men

Civilization but you play as the "barbarians" trying to topple the unjust empires that have formed

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