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Men or masculine-identified folks, check out this project!

It's run by a friend of mine who excels in helping other men connect with the best and truest parts of themselves, and build a brotherhood where we can support each other in living into healthy, responsible, wholehearted masculinity.

I've been part of a small volunteer group helping to facilitate these events for a few months now and it's always a generative, restorative, challenging-in-a-growth-way experience.

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this concludes my 1am PSA on flossing. in summation, running thread between your teeth is weird but good actually

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friendly reminder that regardless of your anatomy, sitting to pee is hygienic and respectful and good

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I could care less about the fact that it's actually "I *couldn't* care less"

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the actual win condition of Monopoly is when you flip the board in frustration, violently upending the entire capitalist system rather than hand your last dollar to a gleeful wealth-hoarding rules lawyer

this is not a joke, that's actually the anti-capitalist reaction the game was designed to provoke

that particular cohort of millennials who are identifiable by the way their vocabulary was irreparably damaged by Homestar Runner

teaching kiddo how to make an apple pie from scratch, so this afternoon had better last about 14 billion years

Kicking myself because I didn't take a picture of it but yesterday on the beach I saw a bag of store bought sand

sometimes I think about the girl in my middle school who wore a cape. fate has such a harsh ordeal in store for some of us

we're sleeping on fresh sheets but we had to make the bed *at bedtime* so it's impossible to say whether it's good or not

capitalism is just the idea that if you let everyone take advantage of each other, it'll magically even out into fairness in the long run

it don't

Software as a Service
Software Ensures Citizenship
Software: Enlist Now To Crush The Bugs

anybody have a spare, working refrigerator you will deliver to me immediately for $0 ?

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physical health 

took Excedrin to head off a migraine today. it kicked the aura straight to the curb but it's been like 5 hours and I am still buzzed from the caffeine

guess I'll take half a pill next next time? hope I can sleep tonight 😬

food, kidposting 

[2 min later]

me: may I have another grape, please?

[plucks a grape off the stem]

[looks me dead in the eye]

[smiles lovingly]

[eats the grape]

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food, kidposting 

me: [puts a bowl of grapes on the table] These are for all of us to share

2.75 years old: Thank you dada

[hands a grape to mama]

[hands a grape to dada]

...the rest are for me.

my 2-year-old 🤝 people

"I'm a baby horse"

This White Admin Has Uncovered Evidence the Monads Caused the Disappearance of the Roanoke Colony

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