the 1yo knows how to say "Yah!" but now often says "Da!" instead so I guess I'm raising a proper little comrade

Tried to make a nice simple deal with my 1yo, a two-more-books-then-bedtime kind of thing. Stuck my hand out and said, "Shake on it?" Kiddo raises and arm and starts Kermit-flailing

<< Here's a wild prediction (because predicting incorrectly is kind of how predictions work) - by the end of the next decade, "Without Machine Learning" will be the "Organic" of computing and will be regarded in some areas of application as a sign of quality and trusty software.
3:17 AM · Jan 2, 2020 >>

what do my crush and adobe photoshop have in common 

food, recipe 

food, recipe 

Keymashing has a sound in my head that I simply cannot make with my mouth

@checkervest there's literally nothing homeowners hate about homeless people that wouldn't be solved by giving them a home.

They leave trash around! Yeah they lack garbage pickup. Give them a home

They are always ranting and raving. Me too, but I have four walls so nobody sees. Give them a house

They're dirty. They don't have a room dedicated to getting clean. Give them a home

uspol, cursed idea 

vulcan philosophy is just doing whatever you were going to do anyway but saying that it's the "logical" choice

Philosophy 205a: How to study philosophy without becoming a shitty defeat-you-with-facts-and-logic bro on the internet

Prerequisites: even a very small amount of self-awareness

Ramanujan number, Wikipedia, decolonise science 

Liberals don't like anti-capitalism but they love anti-consumerism which is the victim blamers version of anti-capitalism

Just boosted my own post for the first time, and I feel a very specific kind of dirty

me: what does the wolf pup say?
the 1yo: uwu

me: what does the wolf pup say?
the 1yo: uwu

I'm not entirely sure what to do with this information, but you all may find this database of sprite images that I just discovered useful.

shout out to all my aro peeps out there today who have to deal with this normative idea they're missing out on a part of life and are 'wrong' in some way for not being a part of this romantic experience, y'all cool as hell :heart_aro:

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