I'm an ed tech researcher by training, and that means that I have concerns about kiddo's new school adopting ClassDojo this year. I wrote up a few thoughts asking whether it's possible for me to pull the "ed tech researcher" card to raise concerns without being a jerk who undermines teacher agency.

@spgreenhalgh really appreciate this reflection, especially given that I expect to be in a similar boat within a few years (I haven't researched ed tech specifically, but soc. history of techn + platform capitalism yes). I hope that the open house provides a good opportunity and goes well.

@andy Thanks! I think your background might actually be *more* helpful than an edtech background. There aren't enough of us who draw from STS, platform capitalism, etc. (and I'm including myself here).

As a discipline, we've mostly outgrown "new, shiny" syndrome, but in the U.S. at least, we aren't nearly as critical as we ought to be. Focus is still overwhelmingly on efficacy and efficiency rather than asking deeper questions about tools/platforms. I don't think it's healthy.

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