Boosted kiddo’s motivation to help put away the dishes by convincing her to think of it as a magic trick (making the dishwasher’s contents ‘disappear’). Boosted my own by remembering it’s now legal to play Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music around the house.

Feeling better today, so we’re joining the family Thanksgiving gathering about 20 hours later than planned. Looks like our holiday plans will retain their general shape despite yesterday’s disruption.

Woke up feeling lousy, so now I get to spend the next few hours figuring out if it’s the sort of thing we need to update (i.e., cancel) our Thanksgiving travel plans for.

‘Kiddo, I’m glad you’re a part of our family.’ ‘… the weirdest family?’ I will never tire of her developing sense of humor.

Looking at the haul of new library books in our living room today, I realized that we’re both a family that buys a lot of books and a family that saves huge amounts of money thanks to the library.

Kiddo is coming with me to class this afternoon, which is fun—but complicated by the fact that my lecture today is the most controversial and ‘adult’ of the semester for this class. Still, maybe a kid will have important insight on controversies surrounding content moderation?

Kiddo after waiting and watching patiently while I filled out ballot at early voting: ‘I have to admit, that was pretty fun!’

My parents are hosting (almost) everyone from my big family for Thanksgiving this year. Given growing numbers of food preferences and restrictions among us, I wonder whether we’ll have a big inclusive-but-non-traditional Thursday feast or whether dinner gets balkanized.

radio, radio 

For the past month or so I've been trying to listen to the radio more, and since a lot of times I'm at my desk I've been using pyradio, a command line interface that basically just uses mpv to load up streaming URLs from radio stations. Actually getting the URLs was a bit of a pain but now I have a nice assortment of stations, either local to me or from my hometown or suggested by my birdsite followers

@fm I'm getting similar vibes as when I used to listen to Radio Télévision Suisse's Option Musique late in my time zone, which was even later in Switzerland, so I'd just get song after song (mostly older) with very few interruptions besides the hourly news report and the occasional station bumper.

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@fm Less than 20 minutes of listening, and I've already heard my first French Canadian song. Seems like a good sign.

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Internet radio is severely underrated—I much prefer it to other forms of music streaming—so I've finally gotten around to adding @fm to my internet radio client.

Using the Stardew Valley soundtrack as a chores anthem seems to get kiddo more excited (or at least less resentful) about helping out around the house.

Especially proud of kiddo’s growing sense of humor when it involves successful wordplay. Tonight, she went from ‘my legs are wobbly’ to ‘my legs are wallabies,’ and it was great. is a Mastodon instance for dads, running the Hometown fork of Mastodon.