Kiddo and I are getting back into the “Magical Kitties Save the Day” TTRPG, and she keeps asking me when we can play next. Feels like a win!

We don't really do much for Father's Day or Mother's Day (thanks to complicated feelings about the holidays), but I/we coincidentally wound up doing some fun stuff anyway. So, I wrote about some highlights from the weekend:

father’s day - 

shoutout to all the dads and kids of dads having a real rough time of it today

Whenever my parents come to visit, we buy our local donuts because my dad likes donuts, and they bring down their local donuts because we like donuts, and we wind up with huge amounts of donuts.

We’re building quite the little collection of junior cersions of classic Eurogames, and they’re ranging from “almost as fun as the original” to “this is Candyland with higher production values.”

Kiddo catches a glimpse of the ref list for the research statement I’m preparing for tenure: “Why does it say Greenhalgh so many times?”

The very same day I added the "Phoebe and Her Unicorn" to my list of things to look into for kiddo (after reading about it on @pluralistic), my spouse brought one of the books home from the library.

We read the whole thing this morning, and she's now reading it again on her own. Love me a happy set of coincidences.

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