Mulder accidentally flirts with supersoldiers. Smoking Man reveals his connection to Tupac.

Meat photo 

@alex hell yeah im smokin some short ribs today. dads rock.

@alex i deactivated my facebook page years ago and will occasionally get emails exactly like this. "People are searching for "truck"" cool thanks

instead of calling them TERFs we can also call them fascist and regressive transphobes (FARTs)

Skinner is helpless, thanks to the army (the bad army). Scully.

@Louisa i only watched the first season which i thought was decent but haven't really bothered to look into it too hard. The one cool thing I know is the show premiered before Elliot had publicly come out, and they worked it into the show to make his character trans which he is apparently very happy about.

@jaytom I did this for a while too and yeah agreed life is already uncomfortable no need to add more if you can avoid it.

Would you still love me if I was a worm? No need to answer, I can see into the future and have determined that love is of no consequence

@Louisa the way the "doctor" is lazily edited into the image makes this feel more like a shitpost then a clickbait ad. Maybe thats the point lol

New Nathan Fielder show feels like "Synecdoche, New York: The Show". I say that as a good thing (It's one of my favorite movies)

♫ I am whoever you say I am, and If I wasn't then please tell me who I am
I have amnesia please help me ♫

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