whatever this actual job is cannot possibly be cooler than what im imagining in my head

will be referring to myself as irredeemable imp and my son as innocent imp to anyone who asks (i hope no one asks)

i feel like this is what out of context dad site posts look like sometimes


with boris resigning it is finally time

i don't really buy "meme" clothes or w/e but I am extremely disappointed that I missed out on this treasure

tried to find a new phone wallpaper that says "Dad who hates cop but loves Meatloaf (the singer and the dish)" and I think this is it

screenshotted this thinking it would be important lore for dad site

AI generated Image 

got into the midjourney beta and i don't know if people should have this kind of power at their fingertips

ec, horror movie, puppet 

taking time out of my day to let everyone there is an absolutely great horror movie where Anthony Hopkins plays a ventriloquist called "Magic", highly recommend

writing that last too led me to finding out that there is a room called a "Psychomanteum" and that's gonna be my next dad project

AI ART, DALL.E, Horror 

alright shut it down folks kate bush + blair witch project aesthetic is the peak for me


first they came for the journalists and I said nothing because they deserved it

if blizzard wasnt a hell bastard company i'd be pitching this right now

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