will be taking son out to see fireworks later cus he loves em, but seeing that there was a mass shooting in chicago earlier today during a parade makes it harder and harder to not feel paranoid taking him to large gatherings / events.

Son asked me about the "super square" today and I'm like ???? but identified it as an Octagon

Unbearable weight of massive talent was a fun ride, I've always been a big nic cage fan and while the meta aspect of it probably could've gone further / been more surreal i still had a really good time. arbitrary rating: 69 out of 85

i don't really buy "meme" clothes or w/e but I am extremely disappointed that I missed out on this treasure

tried to find a new phone wallpaper that says "Dad who hates cop but loves Meatloaf (the singer and the dish)" and I think this is it

The stars at night are big and bright *clap clap clap* DEEP IN THE HEART OF R'LYEH

This is my Leftist faction of choice. Thank you to the scholar Rob Whisman.


me, whenever some article talks about another potential Hillary re-run

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