Mulder accidentally flirts with supersoldiers. Smoking Man reveals his connection to Tupac.

instead of calling them TERFs we can also call them fascist and regressive transphobes (FARTs)

Skinner is helpless, thanks to the army (the bad army). Scully.

Would you still love me if I was a worm? No need to answer, I can see into the future and have determined that love is of no consequence

New Nathan Fielder show feels like "Synecdoche, New York: The Show". I say that as a good thing (It's one of my favorite movies)

♫ I am whoever you say I am, and If I wasn't then please tell me who I am
I have amnesia please help me ♫

Hot take: Columbo is making a comeback with millennials because he has the superpower of making phone calls.

I assumed D20s were new. This one is from Ptolemaic Egypt. It's carved out of serpentinite.
:d20: :d12: :d10: :d6: :d4:

Severance should go further in exploring the space of hostile action toward your Other. Like, shitting your pants as soon as you step into the elevator.

don't really have words to describe this one just gonna drop it and say its my new favorite thing

okay, I'll sing for you, but are you going to applaud after? legally if you lie, it's enclapment

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