My Wordle streak is at 121, which basically means every morning features several minutes of nail biting terror

Today my wife stopped me during my outdoor chore time to inquire as to why I had dug a particular hole on our property. I paused and felt a chill up my spine as I was visited by a specter — slender and pale, wrapped in ropes and weight like a beast of burden, wielding blades and spikes — who whispered in my ear, rendering me captive, gripped by the icy paralysis of profound nihilist truth, and I uttered, as if mastered by this ghostly puppeteer-mountaineer of legend: “because it wasn’t there.”

This is the best arcade game I ever played. Very usable controls, and yet somehow remarkable realism. Also it would fucking REMEMBER YOU. You could play a literal season of baseball across many sessions. Very inventive at the time.

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Why is it that sports games never grasp that all their graphics and branding/player union partnerships mean fuck all without playability? Bring back arcade style. Damn.

With their numbers looking bad, a brief celebration of Soundgarden. It took me like two decades to fall in love with this band, they were fine but somehow just not my style. Their depth was pretty amazing. Very much admire their ability to make funky time signatures feel very natural through highlighting them with striking transitions. And long songs feel compact, efficient. Ben Shepherd, looking back, influenced me greatly as a bass player without me noticing.

One of course pauses when wanting to call something like this "funny", but holy mother, ignoring the music/edit — if nothing else, it is the end-all, be-all of freudian slips. I do not expect to see anything close to its raw magnificence for the rest of my life. Just fucking incredible. Like, if you get sucked into a black hole, this is what's on the other side

My spouse is watching The Staircase, and I am just listening to it while I concentrate on something else, and to me it is 100% a comedy, in the style of a Veep, or In The Loop. It was shocking to me to find out it’s a drama.

I've decided not really understanding mastodon is gonna be my "thing". I'm that guy who doesn't really get it and just hangs out here all the time

one bummer about cpap therapy is it makes it basically impossible to fake snore your way out of dealing with the dog barfing or the baby crying or the kitchen fire or whatever

I love the trope of the slow and steady pursuer chasing the panicked, scrambling victim to be. I believe this was a Pepé Le Pew invention

I can only assume people who voted for pretty hate machine over paul's boutique were voting with their sad and broken 1989 brain, because one of those records holds up and that ain't it

Two things I added to a personal project webapp today: the sound of an eagle screeching when you click on a special UI element, and something called "party mode". You would think that's just the eagle, but no, it's even more party.

I just got hold of all of the music from Patriot and suddenly my Sunday is amazing

Whenever I hear that “hey ho” lumineers song, and the guy says “last one!” right near the end, I always interpret it as a subtle, but very well heard reminder to the band: there is a leader here, and he is me. I have a very dark vision of what that band is like on the inside, as a result.

Draymond Green is my hero in large part because I absolutely do not understand him. That field general approach, commanding situation and owning every outcome. Just an amazing personality that makes amazing athleticism explode on the court. Love it. Couldn’t be it. Magical.

You have to admire the boundless optimism in young people, the unbreakable belief that someday, somehow, the correct place to leave something will be where you stopped using it.

I hope I’m not the only one who didn’t realize until awkwardly recently that Gus Fring is Buggin Out from Do The Right Thing. Seems almost obvious now.

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