seeing letters arrive from college admissions for one, preparing documents for high school enrollment for the other, I feel fine, why do you ask

I had *coffee* with McCauley... HALF AN HOUR AGO!

In my day we had reruns of sitcoms where someone was named Lumpy and we just let it pass

“You guys are watching The Mandalorian from the beginning again?”

“Well, your mother wants to... and I don’t value my time on this earth. So yes.”

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Carol Burnett got a tribute last year and an award named after her, now every recipient is gonna give a big speech about how important she was and I get to be wrecked again every January.

My wife is watching The Witcher. I have no taste for fantasy so I’ve been avoiding it but tried to watch a bit with her today. I made it five minutes before someone said “RESERVE YOUR CHAOS, VILGEFORTZ”.

So, bad news: I am absolutely not watching this trash; good news: I have a new go-to for when a “cool your heels, hot shot” vibe is required

There are three half-bananas in the fridge, the system has failed us

When your kids are little, you look forward to holiday breaks where there will be two adults in the house to help manage things. When they’re older you just can’t wait for your house to stop looking and feeling like four people live in it.

A member of Trail Of Dead sent me this drawing of Larry Sanders-era Garry Shandling. This alone has rendered the year strange enough to make further comment pointless.

Good news, the perennial bedroom mildew has bloomed

we get used to hard days and then we teach our kids to

This month’s test of the family’s awareness that yes, some resident human has to actually empty the bathroom trash can, is reminding me of the toothpaste glob in the sink standoff of 2013, in that the problem got far worse before it got better.

Here is why, despite the constant warnings, having teenagers is cool: I had to go to the UK for work and I was like hey while I’m there why don’t I take a few extra days to hang out in Europe by myself and my wife was like yeah ok

tv spot just said “men with erectile dysfunction, now you can get treated anywhere” however 9/10 dentists still recommend you get treated in the penis

Number one thing we always taught our kids re: pedestrian safety: eye contact. As in, don’t believe they see you unless you get it. Autonomous cars need to simulate this, and it’s crazy to me that fact isn’t obvious to manufacturers.

a nice little piece looking back on NPR's Car Talk, absolute Dad Culture legends, with surviving cohost Ray Magliozzi

My dad has developed an aversion to question marks. He either leaves them off altogether or uses a period instead. Is this a dad thing. Will this happen to me

Thanks to a work trip and some vacation days bolted on to the end of it, I have a real whirlwind solo survey of a few European cities coming up. All I have planned is "walk a lot". It feels really good. I love my family but I don't need them everywhere with me. I feel this is a healthy view.

Also: interested in your perspectives on can't-miss cities. The idea here is to get a taste for a few I want to see more of later.

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