When I was about 9, I took some tennis lessons at a converted warehouse with one court. Occasionally the coach would drive a few of us to a local park with more courts. He owned a cabernet ‘82 Volvo 240. I loved and coveted that car, and still do, it pretty much defined my design sense from then on. I’ve come to acknowledge that for a variety of reasons I will probably never own one, so I made this instead.

Please find attached a photo of Jeremy Piven in glasses purchased at a gas station and fitted by an angry macaque with a tire iron

Ready for a crazy fact? Blade Runner 2049 was set in the year 2023

The thing I love most about staining wood is how it makes my sander tracks really !POP!

🎵 Letterboooooxxxxxd, as the tears come down like rain 🎵

Tiny local newspaper rag today rolled out a “welcome” article for fucking Zynga, cementing said rag’s shittiness

Feeling very bummed out about technology lately. Everything is way too hard, our ambitions extend beyond our ability to overcome the ridiculous weight of legacy, and creators are understandably frustrated into deploying lame, half-baked downers.

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It just really lets the hardware side of things down. The device is remarkably thoughtful and designed to facilitate approaches to refining usage toward improving factors that are very poorly represented by these numbers. It basically doesn’t make sense to work toward 100 if you are having certain kinds of problems. They end up being binary issues that have either a huge or nearly meaningless impact, score-wise. No one would ever tweak for minor gains based on what they see here.

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It’s not that I take this “score” super seriously, or that I think anyone might, but it does seem like in an app where you’re even pretending to measure quality of efforts to combat what can be a very dangerous health problem, you might work out a formula that doesn’t call trying the apparatus on an automatic 30% overall success.

If you called your band The Killer Killers, could that legally be seen as a threat

My son tried to get me to take him 500 miles to see Ghost. I really wanted to help (would’ve been his first show) but it just couldn’t work out. Really regretting not making every possible effort now.

I've seen this happen _many_ times. When the trend is to say "email sucks" you're left with really, really long conversations where people are trying to go through their mental process in front of a crowd. It sucks, and it's stupid, and eventually everyone's calendar is full of it because you forgot how to think as a group without being a group.

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The problem with "We should just get together and talk through it": It VERY easily gives way to meeting-heavy culture when people mistakenly calculate that every minute of every decision is better spent with all stakeholders present. This is mega-false. Let Jeff, who tends to write stream of consciousness novellas, do that on his own time. It's how he gets to the short version of the question. Let Suzy, who processes best offline, do that. It's how she gives short answers. Email has a function.

A weird thing very different from my generation: I cannot convince my kids to get driver's licenses. The first just really never had a reason, and the second definitely DOES, but does not want to, to the point that we're literally going to have to insist. Ridiculous, these kids.

Today I've had not one but two multi-hour spans of time where I'm the only one here and they are amazing. I'll get used to it again. But kids, annoying and all-consuming as they are, damned if you don't miss them.

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So I was, like, counting the days until the school year started. And then dropping her off I started asking if she really wanted to be in school, like you know we could just drive back home it's no big deal!

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The funny bit is, the last few weeks have been hard. Both of our kids are very much "indoor kid" types and so when both of them are in town, we are back to the old model where there is almost *never* a time where there is not at least one of them in the house. And they bicker pretty much constantly. So, you know, those months-long breaks? You get kind of into them.

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I drove to LA and back yesterday to drop off for junior year and dads I regret to inform you this does not get easier.

2 eps into s4, Atlanta has clearly not backed away from the adventurous spirit that made s3 so awesome. Love this show HARD.

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