:levar_dislike: popping one pimple at a time
:levar_like: popping all the pimples you'll ever have at the same instant and drowning in sebum

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parenting, allowances, boosts & advice welcome 

We decided to introduce the 3yo more formally to the concept money with her own allowance. Kinda partway in already, we're going to use a Spend/Save/Share model and start at $1/week for every year old she is (so $3 weekly for now). Cash only so the money is tangible.

Would love to hear from other parents and early childhood allowance-receivers about how you're approaching this and how it's going! What works? What should we watch out for?

I signed up for facebook after 6 years off of it exclusively because facebook marketplace is better stocked than craigslist. Feels bad!

Objectively the cutest baby, sorry dads 

Tomorrow is a very big day for no other reason except this guy's got his 6 month appointment and we get to see if his head circumference is still in the 92nd percentile!

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Pear cranberry ginger pie for some friends with a newborn. Trying to pass along all the wonderful goodness and support we got in those first wild weeks

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Damn, the ending of cyberpunk 2077: edgerunners really fucked me up

Politics & pessimism 

So with fascist violence preceding the US midterms, and right wing radicalized poll watchers and a plethora of anti democracy candidates - it feels like shit is about to get really bad. And if this is what's going on at midterms, imagine the presidential election in 2 years. Really fucking grim

Overheard on the street: "They're pretty afraid of humans or at least cautious around us." But instead of "us" my brain fully expected "them." Wow this person is confident that they're human. Really makes you think...

"EYES ON THE PRIZE" written in a circle around a photorealistic drawing of my son with some googly eyes on his face

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Dumb job stuff 

I quit my job yesterday. It was an important move for my own self respect. But I don't have anything else lined up and I'm not gonna get a good reference from my bosses. Very frustrating situation but sometimes if you don't fit in with the bros there's nothing you can do but move on.

I dreamed we put the 5 mo old in a size 3 diaper and it was way too big


I can never remember if it's flat-bottomed or fat-bottomed girls that make the rockin' world go round. It's like I don't even know the rockin'world at all

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Chrome is getting rid of all adblockers in January of 2023. (essentially browser extensions will no longer be allowed to execute code, fromwhat I understand.) we're all gonna have to switch to something that doesn't use Chromium (Firefox, the answer is Firefox)

The 4 mo old is recovering from RSV and his lingering cough is dovetailing with the sleep regression and giving us 30 min sleep intervals all night

Every once in a while my mom will send me vaguely political content and without comment ask for my opinion on it and I absolutely rip it to shreds. Today's victim - yascha mounks podcast

Instead of working I am thinking about what sort of tattoo would be meaningful and cool. The kind that says "I'm a trustworthy dad but I can get wild when it's appropriate"

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