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- Any CVS or post office is probably not going to be able to properly photograph a baby. We took the picture at home with E laying on a white bedsheet, and used the online Walmart 1-hour passport photo printing service to get it printed. The upload form there has guides for head sizing and placement, which you should follow, because when you take in the application they'll put a transparent overlay on the photo to make sure it passes the guidelines.

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I had to get a U.S. passport for my newborn, so here's what I learned in the process in case anyone else has anxiety about it:

- The biggest delay for a newborn is probably going to be getting the birth certificate, which you need in order to apply. Will depend on your state, but our US Social Security card showed up before we could go in-person to pick up the birth certificate (about 4 weeks after birth). Your baby's original birth certificate will be taken with the application & mailed back.

Realized early on that it's fine to listen to audiobooks/podcasts on in-ear headphones while the baby is being fussy and/or occupying both hands, and I'm pretty sure it's kept me sane as a new parent

Home-buying/owning dad tip! Check the fire extinguisher in your house! Ours hadn't been inspected or recharged since our house was built in 1978!

New parenting recommendations:

Emily Oster's "Expecting Better" (about pregnancy, and "Cribsheet" (about early years, She's an economist who surveys and condenses published studies about various aspects of pregnancy and parenthood, deflating various pieces of "received wisdom" and dogmatic parenting advice along the way. A great thing about these books is they're very pragmatic in their recommendations. A+ reads


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