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Ryan, 35, new dad of one ("E", born May 2019). Here for dadposting, dadvice, dadjokes, etc.

this @WTTO question is making me think of nic cage in face/off saying “I could throw a frisbee around for hours”

trying out a new combo…”coffee & donuts”…might be onto something here……

bonus dad function of motorized standing desk in home office: raise desk so toddler can't run in and mash keyboard

star wars....

stars wars?

star$ war$

star(bucks) [coffee]
war(bucks) [daddy]

coffee for daddy???????
think about it

just found out that Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World” was the voice of KITT on “Knight Rider” and never met any of the other cast

no, i cannot attend your "zoom conference" synchronously. i CAN "attend" it asynchronously if you just record and post the goddamn videos

baby not allowed to advance beyond NES/Famicom games until they solo beat Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

now, any time I see a picture of Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis, I think, “hey, that’s the Volkswagen guy”

incoming trade offer meme format with “you give me: very good cow / you receive: three mysterious beans”

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making a “corn typewriter” joke to a toddler who may never in their life encounter a typewriter

y’all ever think about how the scale of nearly everything in “Blaze & the Monster Machines” would be absolutely gigantic

Me: no, we can’t watch Paw Patrol. we already have Paw Patrol at home

The Paw Patrol at home:

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