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Ryan, 35, new dad of one ("E", born May 2019). Here for dadposting, dadvice, dadjokes, etc.

took advantage of a storm power outage to move the rest of everything in the critical path to the Internet over to UPS power, and move the last remainders of plex server crap out of the bedroom and into my office

wonder what portion of hbo max subscribers are like "finally, i can watch chip & joanna gaines on hbo max, all the merger nonsense was worth it"

parenting w: we finally took the rail off our toddler’s crib and converted it to a toddler bed a couple weeks ago and it’s been…completely fine. for some reason i feared once we took the rail off, they’d just be some sort of nonstop nocturnal pinball, but nope, they just stay in there

podcasters stop publishing with publishers who won't let you publish an audiobook challenge 2022

this spooky season, i’m only reading books that were ghostwritten

gonna set the MiSTercade up so that it also simulcasts 1080p to the projector and you can play it with wireless controllers on the couch

toddler telling me I need to put their pajamas in the dirty clothes because they dreamed they were on the playground last night

. @touk: In my toot I invented the Experimental Rehonklifier as a cautionary tale

Tech Company: At long last, we have created the Experimental Rehonklifier from classic toot Don't Create The Experimental Rehonklifier

[my toddler seeing the duolingo owl] wow! green goblin!!

[passing the “best coffee on the interstate” tanker] everybody buckle up, we’re doing a heist

this morning
in the shower
I washed off a rocketship sticker
that my toddler had put on me
and I didn’t even know was there

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