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Thread is an epic primer by Doctorow on the ongoing Uber grift. Includes interrobangs.

🎩 https://mamot.fr/@pluralistic/108770612799897053

#tech #culture

So tired after being in the sun and biking walking for extended periods in 35+ degree heat for 30+ minutes for a few days in a row. Totally wiped. Gonna watch an episode or 2 of Rutherford Falls and then fall asleep.

The sunshine coast in BC is a special place. Perfect spot to escape a heat wave and highly polluted air.

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Bank of America Memo, Revealed: “We Hope” Conditions for American Workers Will Get Worse

The financial behemoth privately fears that regular people have too much leverage.


"the memo is focused on the enticing prospect of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, slowing the economy, and bludgeoning workers back into line."


Packing for vacation is enough to make one feel like they definitely need a vacation.

Yep. Just submitted my citizenship application. Fingers crossed!

The best way to emigrate to Canada is to enroll in a university and get a study permit. I totally understand that going back to school can be a big step back in life, but it opens a door that is otherwise VERY hard to crack open.

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Also, if you are an American looking to leave the country, please know that your thoughts there are incredibly valid. The US is not a safe space to live at the moment, and I applaud anyone doing what it takes to protect themselves

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As background, my immigration journey started way back in 2016 and it took years of paperwork to become a permanent resident here in 🇨🇦 so I'm not just like some American thinking "I'll fill out an app online and at least see what they say"

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So I started filling out the online application for Canadian citizenship last night...I think this might actually happen!

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Went and saw a candlelight concert from a string quartet in Vancouver last night. They played Joe Hisaishi music from Ghibli movies. It was everything I wanted and needed it to be.

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I love systematically removing cop cars from play sets my toddler receives

If you're looking for a really solid rap artist, give Dakota Bear a listen.

Feel like I'm just falling apart today. Don't know why I am feeling so absolutely emotionally destroyed and incapable of doing work but I'm just really hardcore NOT FEELING IT.

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I assumed D20s were new. This one is from Ptolemaic Egypt. It's carved out of serpentinite.
:d20: :d12: :d10: :d6: :d4:

Finding that I really need to see a therapist before this baby arrives...

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