"Make me a blanket" Peanut yells as she throws a melon-sized ball of yarn at my head and runs off.

Last night, kiddo (6yo) got out of bed for a snack and found a ham radio magazine. She brought it to me "I found something you'll like, it's about radios!" I showed her a few things in the magazine and asked if she like radio stuff and she said "I like *your* radio stuff" and gave me a hug

So, what do y'all do when a kid is scared of noises at night (rattling pipes, etc)?

Fun way to get her excited about practicing spelling

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Downloaded a morse code app during dinner. Taught my daughter to do her name. Then "What is C? What is A? What is T?"

Me: One day I'll live in the woods and raise sheep.
Kiddo: No. You're staying here with us.

When your kid responds to everything you say with an hour long barrage of entirely unrelated stream of consciousness and/or repeating the same word 50 times

::Grabs knitting and hides under a blanket:: Time to fibernate!

Kiddo: "I need your help wiping! I didn't have an accident, it's just really big.
Me (looking): Holy butts! That's a lot of poop! You must have eaten a lot yesterday.
Kiddo (proudly): I had hot lunch!

Kiddo's haul was *amazing*. Like every house was giving out full-size candy bars

Hello dads.cool! I'm a stepdad to a delightful 6yo. I'm glad to find a place where I can be included and connect with other parents


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