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Hi! I'm Pete, dad to a three year old. My partner and I also have a dog, three chickens and a sourdough starter named "milkshake." We live in the Chicago suburbs.

Other interests include coffee, soccer and board games.

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Advent of Code 

Day 3 complete. Learning slowed me down much more today than for days 1&2. Effort was probably 5% solving the problems and 95% struggling with Rust

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What if I started pronouncing it “gith-ubb” and didn’t acknowledge it when asked?

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“Everything is a file”

Computing: Paradigm that underlies the incredibly successful Unix operating system

Woodworking: This is the worst workshop ever

In 2013 I thought I was real clever making "I Hate the Phone" by the Varsity Weirdos the ring tone on my then-new phone. Pretty sure it was only a few months later that I permanently switched to vibrate-only.

Not because of the song, mind you. It's just how things are now.

It’s 20F/-7C this morning and the seem unbothered. They’ve already survived one Midwest winter, but this is their first with us, so it’s nice to see them doing well. @jamers gave them oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast 😊


Sorry, I'm going to get a meta post out of my system because I know I need to and I also know I won't allow myself more than one.

1. I'm glad I panic-followed a bunch of folk before the shutdown, it's really helped keep everything anchored
2. I'm glad I found It's a cozy place. Thank you @alex
3. I'm sad my join date didn't transfer here, but embarrassed to admit it
4. Take a deep breath
5. Wait, did I even mention why I need to meta-post?

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I just ran make -j 4 on my M1 Mac…

…and boy are my ARMs tired!

Seeing December closing in on us and wondering if this will finally be the year I complete

Winter did, in fact, bring it. Woke up to an inch of snow on the ground. Expect kiddo will be excited

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Just saw a bumper sticker in the wild that said “Bluey… but first coffee” and it’s the most a bumper sticker has ever spoken to me

Yesterday I drained the rain barrel and did some winterizing for the . Today it's chilly enough in the basement office to break out my tactical hacking gloves. Bring it on, .

Trying to explain to kiddo that a quesadilla without cheese is just a tortilla

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my love language is removing tracking parameters from links before sharing them

Currently, when kiddo doesn't want to get dressed in the morning, suggesting "getting dressed upside down" works wonders. Wonder how long it'll last.

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you: excited to welcome @TheRealElvira as the one celebrity we're cool with joining fedi

me: excited to welcome @vihart as the one celebrity we're cool with joining fedi

we are exactly the same

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I feel, as part of my initiation into this space, I must talk about my love of #Medieval elephants.

Yes, you heard me. You see, though bestiaries were very common in Western Europe, elephants were not.

So things like this happen.

"SO... lion body... got it, cloven hooves, okay, big ears and dead bird eyes... long snake face... PERFECTION."

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