trying to teach the toddlers to touch their faces less and wash their hands more. probably won't make a dent, but worth a try.

The 1yo is now saying "bye", "thank you", and "I'm sorry" more clearly and consistently than the 3yo.

My 3yo is brandishing a duplo block and claiming it is a "blueberry jalapeno hybrid" which qualifies as mad science

Our kids both had pretty rough eczema when they were very young, so we got in the habit of only washing them 2-3 times a week. How many times do ordinary people clean their small kids? Are there folks who really do nightly baths?

Who else feels that pediatric dentistry is kind of low stakes

3yo: [shuts baby brother in closet in my presence]
Me: where's your brother?
3yo: [dopplering lower as he takes off down the hall] I DON'T KNNNOOoooowwww

List of activities my 1yo and 3yo agree will hold their interest at the same time:

* lunch

* lunch

solo with the toddlers on a rainy saturday. it's not supposed to clear up until bedtime. three hours down, nine to go.

So glad to find a parent-centered mastodon instance! I'm Adam, dad to an insomniac hyperlexic 3yo and a 1yo who previously was hellbent on dumping his older brother's potty over his head but has moved on to just smashing dishes together in the sink. is a Mastodon instance for dads, running the Hometown fork of Mastodon.