:blobCatPeek: psst hey

I wrote a book. It's a light-hearted, fast-paced fantasy about ... necromancers? *checks notes* Yep, that's it. Light-hearted necromancer story.

Also shapeshifters and sprawling necropolises and secret libraries!

It would be cool if you wanted to take a look. Or share this toot. Or both!

💀 👻 📚 ✨ 🖤

Info, Sample, & Buy Links: https://victoriacorva.xyz/books/books-and-bone-by-Victoria-Corva/

:blobCatPeek: ok bye


@vicorva sounds like a hell of a read, so I bought a copy

@nosimpleway :blobCatBlush: thank you so much! I really hope you enjoy it. Happy reading. :)

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