Had to deal with a kombucha vendor wanting to give away samples and open a contract. Since the management he needs to talk to isn't here, he offered me one on his way out.

I don't care for kombucha, and told him as much, but I ended up taking one to be polite. It's Lion's Mane! That always converts kombucha skeptics.

Lion's Mane.

Lion's Mane is a mushroom.

Your headline product, your best foot forward, is mushroom tea.


Well, here goes.

...fizzy tea, unmistakably. Sugar, bit of citrus.

And yeah, there it is. A decidedly earthy, vaguely sweaty note at the end. That is definitely mushroom tea.

I hope the salesman doesn't remember me next time he's here, so I won't have to explain I poured his sample down the bathroom sink.

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