Quarantine, day 6, just before I have to go back to work: nosimpleprotege has discovered the joys of riding on my back while I crawl on the floor.

Her balance isn't all that great, it's more of a ponderous elephant ride than a quick horsey ride. But... it's more fun to make elephant noises anyway.

a picture of my finger, which has seen better days 

nosimpleprotege has taken to running with her arms splayed out to either side when she's excited.

I keep reminding her "We do not Naruto run, not in this house."

nosimpleprotege has been getting an absurd amount of screen time while we're in quarantine, with no end in sight.

Tonight as I took her to bed, she said goodnight TO THE TV.

And that she'd be back soon.

is this anything 

Well... huh. Twice today she's excitedly agreed to try going on the potty. She hasn't had any success yet, but filled a diaper just a few minutes after the dismount the second time. Maybe she does know what it feels like to need to go and is ready to start training...

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If you're going to play Disney songs to keep a small child amused while everyone's cooped up at home, be wary of "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled. A person singing about how they're locked in a single room and searching for anything to do to alleviate their boredom is a bit on-the-nose these days.

If nosimpleprotege was just a liiiiiiiittle bigger this would be the perfect time to potty train. She's showing interest, but I don't know if she's self-aware enough to understand when her bladder is signalling she needs to go.

That said, this is a pretty popular idea nationwide! Potty seats are only slightly easier to find than webcams.

On account of circumstances the keynote speaker at the Innuendo Convention had to cancel, and they've asked me to fill her slot

nosimpleprotege has little to no experience with the whole Winnie-the-Pooh mythos yet. When I put her in a pajama-onesie with Eeyore's face on the front, she pointed to it and said "papa".

I feel seen.

Me to nosimpleprotege, who wants to play at her usual level of enthusiasm and energy: don't talk to me until I've had my coughing

What's the difference between COVID-19 and Romeo & Juliet?

One's a corona virus, the other's a Verona crisis

Five months ago, nosimpleprotege picked up "no".

Today she finally got around to "yes".

And "aww, dip!" but mostly we're happy with "yes".

Please, Robert-Omb was my father. Call me Bob.

Where do American cats go when they die?

Where do Mexican cats go when they die?

The ravenous, demonic god of gnollkind, flung bodily across the Infinite Layers of the Abyss by a larger, stronger demon lord. 

Maybe coronavirus wouldn't have spread so rapidly through Italy if doctors prescribed treatments other than "go see that clown, he's hilarious"

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