Topping food with a delicate gorilla pellet foam

Carefully shaping and slicing lecithin oblates to make melt-in-the-mouth gorilla pellet ravioli

Gelling gorilla pellets and extruding them into noodles for gorillaghetti

Gorilla pellet ice cream, frozen with liquid nitrogen

Breaking open a glossy sugar shell and releasing the aroma of gorilla pellets from within

Excuse me it's not just a "dad bod".

It's a father figure.

If you meet the Buddha on the road, cancel him

cw dads 

Changing my avatar to the mafia don from Paper Mario and rebranding as the Clout Pianta

The name of the event is "Planning for Success" but the text entry is too short, so I have to truncate it to "Planning for Succ".

Probably a better seminar that way, anyhow

Applying for a research grant to study why hot coffee is good and cold coffee is good but reheated coffee is so terrible

Got a powder-blue and white gingham button-down shirt for Christmas. It is absolutely a Dad Shirt. It is the Daddest thing I own.

"Let me run this by you" I say to nosimplebae as we put away our laundry. I pull out the shirt.

I follow it with a pair of khaki shorts

blue tartan-patterned socks, also from Christmas

and a pair of sandals.

"Come Memorial Day I'm going to put this on and just grill til sundown. Might fuck around and mow a lawn first."

@hyperlink 's eats gorilla pellets because he's also a furry and his fursona is a gorilla, what he really wants is a dish like whatever it is gorillas eat out of, it all makes sense now

"I have exciting news about [nosimpleprotege]'s budding capability to communicate. I have foreboding news about her ability to communicate. And it's the same news."
"I asked her a question at the park today, and she said 'no' in response."
"Ooh. Yeah."

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