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This is just to say
I have beheld
the works
that were in
the desert

and which
you were probably
instilled despair

forgive me
nothing beside remains
so crumbled
and so old

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Me: "The water is so nice. I'm so glad we bought this yacht."
My wife: "Just say 'yaht'. The C is silent."
Me, looking out over the still water: "It sure is, honey."

Well, here goes.

...fizzy tea, unmistakably. Sugar, bit of citrus.

And yeah, there it is. A decidedly earthy, vaguely sweaty note at the end. That is definitely mushroom tea.

I hope the salesman doesn't remember me next time he's here, so I won't have to explain I poured his sample down the bathroom sink.

Had to deal with a kombucha vendor wanting to give away samples and open a contract. Since the management he needs to talk to isn't here, he offered me one on his way out.

I don't care for kombucha, and told him as much, but I ended up taking one to be polite. It's Lion's Mane! That always converts kombucha skeptics.

Lion's Mane.

Lion's Mane is a mushroom.

Your headline product, your best foot forward, is mushroom tea.

Gonna launch my Peertube channel with a series on how to keep yourself fed at a reasonable level of nutrition even when the depression gets really bad and you can't be bothered to put in any actual effort toward feeding yourself.

Gonna call it "Cooking Without Spoons".

A media website covering news and opinions in lower GI tract and colorectal issues

Arse Technica

"Capsaicin is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and it is not metabolised or degraded during its passage through the gut -- this is why the day after a hot curry there is often a burning sensation at the distal end of the alimentary tract!"

That it the loftiest description of the chili shits I've ever read

The copyeditor in me chafes at this text at the best of times, but I'm certain there's a way to rewrite anything that demands both an i.e. and e.g. in the same parenthetical.

"scombroid fish (i.e. mackerel fish; e.g. tuna)" fuck off with that

"avoid conditions that encourage mole girl"

I think mole girl is doing her best and deserves our support. Lucky mouse!

(It's a video on aflatoxin, the words they're going for are "mold growth")

Watching YouTube videos with autogenerated closed captioning on, featuring experts and educators with heavy accents. Pay close attention and try to figure out what they actually said!

I for one fully intend to cheer anyone beginning a difficult endeavor by giving an enthusiastic "Lucky mouse!"

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Really thought this bit would take off, and it sorta did before being utterly overshadowed by *checks notes* a stolen image posted three months ago.

Social media is weird.

"This is the ideal male body. You might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like" - Diogenes, presenting Plato with a plucked chicken, circa 320 BCE

Unsophisticated Reply Guys: nudes, dick pics

@sophia , an intellectual: nudes, duck pics

'Inktober' more like 'Are you tellin' me there are people out there with enough spoons to create something EVERY DAY for a MONTH lol sounds fake but okay'

Rejected scary halloween names, uspol, capitalism 

Yes I would like to order the Less Anxiety Brain please

If I were a citizen of Arendelle suffering an endless winter brought about by the princess's out-of-control magic, I would move to draft the Magma Carta

It limits the authority of the monarchy and burns at about a thousand degrees Celsius. Two birds with one stone.

I just had to jump out of the way of a sedan pulling out of a parking lot to avoid getting run down.

It was a BMW! Think of the settlement! Damn my survival reflexes!

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