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Hi. I'm the middle child in a family of 3. I turn 50 later this month, my husband turns 53 next month, and our daughter turned 17 earlier this year. We call one another by abbreviations of our gamer tags in the home, so I'm "Swift" instead of dad and my husband is"Blaze" instead of mom. They're one syllable words and that makes dodging pronouns easier

American History, pollution joke 

On the 16th of December 1773 after 20 days of preventing 3 East India Company ships from unloading to avoid paying import taxes on the tea, Bostonians (seizing upon the wording, "as soon as the tea touches upon the dock" from the Tea Tax) volunteer to unload the ships. At night. Wearing disguises. Directly into the harbor

"And the water in Boston Harbour retains the colour to this day"

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So when is someone going to write an actual open source search engine complete with its own crawler and not just a skin on top of some corporate engine

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(from a 2019 conspiracy thread on Twitter)

"Well, what would happen if we destroyed the universe? Would we know? Maybe CERN accidentally created a black hole that sucked us in without us even noticing"

Yes, it's called The World Wide Web.

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Snarky parent stuff 

Non-parents are like: When I have kids, I'll simply get enough sleep.

”I'm glad you're my parents. Anyone else would take my allowance away right now"

- My child, about to go through the grocery checkout with a 3-1/2 pound bag of candy

Today's mood is correcting "professionalism" to "colonialism" in the career advice unit of my daughter's design class

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Homeschooling, boosts please 

(Why's in another post, maybe later). We have self-motivated 4th/6th graders. We have ideas on what/where/how to supplement various topics. What we don't have yet is a firm choice on some platform to build on. For 6th grade, Edgenuity has some decent content, but an awful interface. We're looking at Khan Academy for both, but recs would be greatly appreciated.

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distraught about web subversions 

also the address bar only showing the domain is happening. once you go to edit it the rest shows up, but this is hiding good information that i use to orient myself. it's frustrating being belittled by a browser that assumes it's too much for me.

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@nomadimdad From the managerial sciences and publicity and propaganda science/studies: “design” expresses an improvement to product's function. “layout” only deals with aesthetics. Sometimes a change of color can be design choice (e.g.: to help #ColorBlind) . Other hint: some #CSS attributes accept “CurrentColor” so that you don't need to specify color twice. Also watch for form control dimensions in tiny screens. #W3C #WCAG publications may help.

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@nomadimdad Please also teach #HTML element's roles and #ARIA accessibility. Besides, there are modern elements such as Template, Dialog and Details/Summary which, together with #CSS, deserve attention due to potential to replace some #JavaScript . For example, you can collapse/expand stuff watching states of form controls. Also foster Input File's “multiple” attribute and other existing input types to represent data in machine readable and standardized way instead of Input type Text.

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Our world is chock full of examples why capitalism cannot be sustained. From climate change, to the pandemic, to the much more basic problems like food insecurity, a world designed so that an elite few can appease their greed is ill equipped to deal with any of the serious problems we face. Only a world which doesn’t demand that everything be profitable can do that.

In related news, I'm teaching my daughter HTML because she's studying web design. If you don't know the difference, be grateful

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I have *opinions* about how to teach web design. Like, "Teach with open source tools even if they suck," and "Use what you want, but if it's not 'free as in freedom' then get support from those making money off it"

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Meat mention 

17 yo playing Animal Crossing: What's an anatomical model?

Me: A non-vegan skeleton

My daughter (repeating a Tumblr repost to Reddit being read by a YouTuber): Have you heard about cowboy goth?

Me: 🎵 Mothers 🎵 tell your children 🎵
🎵 not to do the things 🎵 I've done... 🎵

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Simple question from the kid made me search online: "Who invented French Toast?"

As it turns out, probably the Romans with the oldest known recipe from the 4th century:

Stock photo 

It's a cow picture
with a water mark

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your specs are bad sir 

bad idea serving the opposite of the the end user every step of the way: function implementation hiding

i'm a radical anarchist programmer & this code imperialism should be smashed

Profile banner is a crop of a Fortnite advert for one of those "social events" mentioned in their press release when Apple kicked them out of their app store

I've operated mobile games. The whole industry is a fuck. Just guillotine anyone with an acronym in their job title

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