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Hi! I guess I'm supposed to do a re- now that I'm on the new instance.

I'm a Sacramento-based photographer/designer/visual artist, currently working in marketing. My portfolio is mostly street photography, urban landscapes, and glitch. Glitch workflow includes GIMP, PS, Audacity and hex-editing.

I'm also a husband, proud dad of a trans kid, Marxist with anarchist sympathies, vegan, Buddhist, and hard music enjoyer.

Mostly I post humorous garbage with rad pol characteristics.

Seasonal reminder: Alcohol is a completely legal drug that destroys lives, relationships and families. Don't make it hard for people who are trying to stay sober to enjoy festivities and functions.

Visiting twitter is like going back to your old neighborhood and seeing that all of the houses are run down and being lived in by a bunch of creepy dudes who sniff cat pee to get high, and that there are an unusually large amount of unmarked white vans parked in the grass.

hunting, meat, firearms, factory farming 

I'm supposed to be asleep because I'm gonna be up early in the morning, but I can't sleep 'cause tomorrow I'm either gonna do Something Really Not Dan, or I'm gonna become a vegetarian.

I know too much about modern factory farming, see. It's not like when we were kids, a farmer and a tractor and a few fields full of cows. It's worse than hell. We've made a hell for animals here on earth and hidden it away so we don't have to look at it before we eat them.

"Twitter is a powerful weapon we can use against Elon and to destroy fascism, we must stay on and use it, not reject it!" you guys sound like Boromir

At the Oak Park skatepark, which is itself a gentrification project in Sac.

I can confirm my account was suspended after Elon Musk was told about me by far-right extremists who have tried to get me murdered numerous times. I was also placed on the Nazi-made "antifa" list that is being used by bots to mass report accounts that oppose fascism. My last tweets highlighted the plot to remove my account by abusing the report system as well as certified evidence that Andy Ngo was knowingly friends with famous pedophile Amos Yee. I also highlighted the Nazi past of Gays Against Groomers founder Jaimee Michell. I will not stop my work of exposing fascists despite the organized campaigns to silence and assassinate me.

✨ KDE runs on the Apple M2!!!! ✨

With full GPU acceleration! 🚀🚀
Running Xonotic, glmark2, and eglgears at the same time!!

My 🦀 Linux kernel driver now supports the M2!! And it works out of the box with @alyssa's Mesa driver, no userspace changes needed~!!

With Twitter's collapse, funders should start helping build up federated discourse: supporting development of better security, of moderation aids, of proposals for affordances welcoming to Black Twitter and other communities. Stop thinking top down. Start thinking emergent.
Stop thinking about how to help newspapers. Start thinking about how to help communities and culture speaking for themselves. This is a place to start.

(cool youth pastor voice) I'd like to talk to you guys about a real Immortal Technique: Marxism.

I can't believe I have to say this: choosing to leave a platform isn't censoring the folks who remain. 🙄

I want to follow new people, but please stop putting "twitter refugee" in your bio. Or derivatives of diaspora.

If you live anywhere in the US, EU, Australia, UK, etc., your country is caging people, putting folks on leaky boats or leaving them in danger even as our climate policies & warmongering push ever more people away from their homes.

Also, everyone heard the joke already. So if you don't care about being tacky and racist, your joke is tired and boring.


absolutely nobody:

programmable freeway signs:


Happy to report that the android Bandcamp app works great without Play Services and still let's me buy music in app (unlike iOS).

hey its actually not a compliment to me when you tell me your favorite books are Asian books or you only read Asian books. its actually sometimes intimidating considering the history of orientalism and the way that Asian women have historically been depicted in art for consumption only.

this isn't to say you can't enjoy our art by any means but maybe ask yourself if you say that about any other peoples?

The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist, and also making wireless earbuds the standard.

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