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Hi! I guess I'm supposed to do a re- now that I'm on the new instance.

I'm a Sacramento-based photographer/designer/visual artist, currently working in marketing. My portfolio is mostly street photography, urban landscapes, and glitch. Glitch workflow includes GIMP, PS, Audacity and hex-editing.

I'm also a husband, proud dad of a trans kid, Marxist with anarchist sympathies, vegan, Buddhist, and hard music enjoyer.

Mostly I post humorous garbage with rad pol characteristics.

Mastodon can never replace Twitter because Twitter is bad and Mastodon is attractive people doing amazing things 24/7.

Yes, you should buy stuff on Bandcamp. I just also need Raffi, baby lullaby music and whatever Blackpink and BP-adjacent music my 8yo is into.

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I just found ViMusic on f-droid and its almost flawless. Highly recommend it.

Yes yes YT is never going to be audiophiles source for high bitrate music. You're overestimating the type of music I listen to lol

I say this as someone who is half-white: If you're like me, your experience will be different enough that you are allowed to identify as whatever you want.


If you are white enough to operate in the world as a white person, do not show up to and take up space/talk time in bipoc groups. Don't center yourself in talking about bipoc experiences. Do not act tokenized or discriminated against in even the same league as other people.

Its white privilege to think you can have it both ways.

In every other multiverse Kevin McCarthy is an assistant manager at Tires Plus in Lodi, California.

Have to agree with Garak here, all exploted workers should #strike, if the withdrawal of their labour disrupts the "economy" then clearly their contribution is important and their demands should be heard.

I don’t get the big deal about the new Steven Spielberg movie, I get to see fae bull men every day on mastodon dot com, the fur and pronouns posting web site

I'm not allowed on Twitter. Doxing me? That's allowed. Threatening to kill me? That's allowed.

@mope I'm happy enough with AnySoftKeyboard from the fdroid store

Might f around and run Asahi Linux as my main. Who needs working speakers?

2023 is the year I take all that performative smug energy that helped me become vegan and sober, and channel it into uh software.

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Rn the only apps I have on my phone that aren't Graphene stock apps or from f-droid are:

- Bandcamp
- Apple Music
- Signal
- Protonmail
- Steam
- Libby
- my VPN
- Gboard

I can sideload my music from Bandcamp and supplement everything else with NewPipe. Can set up some other 2FA besides Steam Guard. Overdrive is on my Kobo.

Not sure of a good open source swipe keyboard to replace Gboard.

The rest is open source but just not on f-droid.

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