Okay, is it relevant that he’s a transfer student and only has 2 more days he can miss this year without losing his spot?

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If your kid throws up but doesn’t have a fever and alleges to be feeling better do they still go to school?

My wife took my son to work with her because it’s fall break. She showed him how g-chat works and it’s making my day

Today is Donuts with Dad. I have dropped off my son and now have to wait 40 minutes before it starts. I’m stuck in a school office.

At a kid’s 6th birthday party at a trampoline place and I know zero of the adults here. AMA.

I have replaced the broiler element. I am a god among mortals. I cannot be stopped.

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These are the brains of my oven. Tonight I am performing surgery on them

I recommend the salted caramel corn, not the military donation, lol.

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It’s my first year as a Den Leader and my son’s first year in Scouts. We’re looking to raise money for the Den so our 5-year-old Lions can get everything they need to complete their adventures.

If you’re able to donate to help, we’re throwing in some popcorn as a thank you! If not, a simple well-wish for our kids would also be really nice. Thanks!


I am fully exhausted and still have to haul these dumb branches somewhere

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Giant yard work day. Skipped last weekend because we had things to do away from home. Mowing the lawn, pool maintenance, cutting back some crepe myrtles that had gotten out of control

Anyway, I’m going to build a Pinewood Derby car with my son and we’re going to climb mountains together and I absolutely can’t wait.

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In recent years, Scouting has moved away from those policies, adding explicit rules that there will not be discrimination against LGBTQA+ youth in the organization and creating new programs for girls to participate. Those new policies are the reason the Mormon church broke away from Scouting and the reason I feel comfortable reengaging with the program.

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