whatever happened with that law in Minnesota that accidentally legalized edibles

@alex it seems like the answer is 'it's a mess', because they just passed it by mistake without regulations on licensing and packaging and zoning and a bunch of other boring stuff that you probably need to do - https://www.axios.com/local/twin-cities/2022/08/23/minnesota-cities-weigh-temporary-bans-rules-thc-edibles


@lennie @alex
You don't NEED to do those things though, right?
You certainly don't need to make compliance so expensive that only the well-off can participate. Or do may-issue licenses so you can hand the business to your buddies. Or ban people with records for dealing in illegal cannabis products from dealing in legal cannabis products. Or tax it so much that the black market continues unabated. Etc..
Seems like a lot of states are learning all the wrong lessons from other states' experiences.

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