I can't believe it's legal to use tear gas on protestors. According to international law, using tear gas in military conflicts is literally a war crime.

TBQH I also can't believe we live in a world which has essentially decided that war is actually ok as long as you're not *too* much of a dick about it.

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Caution for anyone in the US • ironically named "non-lethal" weapons 

All so-called "non-lethal" weapons can be lethal or cause serious injury if used incorrectly. They *are* being used incorrectly.

Tear gas cannisters carry warnings that they're not supposed to be aimed at people. Rubber bullets are intended to be aimed at the ground to only hit people after they ricochet.

US police have been aiming both of these things at people's faces. They have caused grievious injuries which I will not describe here. Even protestors standing peacefully. Even people with their hands up. Even medics and journalists.

Some people injured, weren't even protesting and were just out buying groceries

If you're going anywhere near protests, please be extremely careful.

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Caution for anyone in the US • ironically named "non-lethal" weapons 

@InvaderXan Had to look up stats and ouch...


Researchers looked at reports between 1990 and 2017. The reports came from India, Israel and Palestine, Nepal, Northern Ireland, Turkey, Switzerland and the US.

"data on 1984 people, 53 of whom died as a result of their injuries. 300 people suffered permanent disability"

Caution for anyone in the US • ironically named "non-lethal" weapons 

@InvaderXan Say what you will about 3% fatality rate as a stand alone number, but comparing it to the 33% fatality rate from real gun shots in this source: https://www.pennmedicine.org/news/news-releases/2014/january/survival-rates-similar-for-gun

Since it's 1/11th as deadly as being shot with an actual gun, maybe we should call them "somewhat-lethal weapons"?

Although.. It also says stab wounds are only lethal 7.7% of the time, so maybe we should reclassify knives as non-lethal weapons?


Caution for anyone in the US • ironically named "non-lethal" weapons 

@rune @InvaderXan

The industry (that is, the companies that manufacture this shit) prefer the term less-than-lethal.

For whatever that's worth.

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