Anyone else on lunar eclipse watch?

My kid's super excited to see non-basic lands turn into mountains.

The lady of the house set up set up a murder mystery egg/scavenger hunt puzzle for the kids. These are the suspects.

What is a reasonable time for school to start in the morning?

This is a major, major challenge in my household.

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Everything on our back porch, furniture and all, blew away in the strong wind last night. Most of it didn't get far, but there were kids toys lined up down the ditch that separates us from our neighbors and a couple things in the neighbors' lawn... and the Rubbermaid container that used to hold them is nowhere to be found.

I can't help but think about how this spot wouldn't have been as windy back before they cut down all the trees. But then I guess a tree would've fallen on my house maybe.

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so. you’re telling me the actual world health organization framed roger rabbit

Kids' play equipment? Or doggie lookout tower?


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I have a new coworker whose name is Kale and who apparently signs messages with the 🥬 emoji, how should I feel about this

Oh, my mistake. The hourly forecast predicts it will drop down into the low 80s 2 hours prior to sunset... while it's raining.

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The yard needs trimming (weed-eating). And it's nice and bright so I can clearly see all the details. And I kind of want to just do it.

But last time I did trimming it was 88°F and I got all whiny about the discomfort. And it's 90°F now. I feel bad about being so silly and spoiled with my nice AC. And I'm a little worried about when it would get done, because if the sun is bright enough to seen the grass well it's going to be at least 85°F.

I joined her just for QT with my daughter, but it is actually kinda fun.

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Today I learned my youngest has a sunset- watching ritual.

ruining an already cryptically bad joke 

Yeah I know it's not worded great, but I'm not great at humor and don't know how to better workshop a joke about how the industry term for what I know as "push mower" is "reel mower" and stores refer to mowers with electric motors and even internal combustion engines that do the mowing as "push mower" if you happen to use a push to indicate which grass you'd like it to mow for you.

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uspol stereotypes? #baddad 

This is gross. Yeah, yeah, I get that it's a joke. But put yourself in your daughter's shoes. What message is she going to take away from you joking about not respecting her as a person?

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