finally sat down and watched The Darjeeling Limited (2007). I understand why not everyone loves Wes Anderson’s films, but I adore them

@jaytom that's not one of my favorites of his but it sure is nice to be in his world for a minute

@Louisa I definitely wouldn’t put it toward the top of my list either, but it’s hard to beat The Royal Tennenbaums or The Life Aquatic

@jaytom very true, Rushmore is one of my favorites too

Bottle Rocket isn't great imo, but it's fun to see a director work with limited resources and still see how grandiose their plans are/will be

@Louisa @jaytom Royal Tenenbaums is #1 for me but Life Aquatic is far better than people give it credit for. Both movies have scenes that move me to tears.

@breakfastgolem @Louisa to this day, nearly unprompted, I will say “I’m gonna fight you Steve”

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