a good trick if you can’t decide between two things: flip a coin. if you’re disappointed by the result, go with the other thing

@jaytom my college roommate and I had what we called the Omniscient Cup that worked on this principle, if you pulled out an option and hated it, that helped solidify what you actually wanted, it's a great system

@checkervest any way you can give yourself an opportunity to listen to your gut is a win

@jaytom learning this trick has saved my indecisive ass many times

@xyzzy @jaytom my brother used a single elimination algorithm for deciding where to eat lunch at work. You could propose a place, and anyone could propose a different place. Once a place was proposed, the only way to eliminate it was to propose a *new* place.

It helped a ton with waffling about where to eat. Maybe nobody really cared so McDonald's wins as the first or second suggestion. Or if you really hated a place maybe you'd suggest that.

Eventually the last place was agreeable.

@jaytom this is super great advice. writ large this is what tarot did for me

@jaytom my ttrpg player heart makes me want to complexify the system to be able to use a d20 instead

@jaytom I've done this so many times. It really helps train one's brain into making better decisions.

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