everyone stop and look at this incredibly good turtle I met in the woods today

@jaytom in what part of the world do you see these kinds of turtles in the wild?

Over here, there are wild turtles, but they are the water kind.

@jaytom I looked up the climate of missoury and it's quite cold. I didn't think land turtles live in cold climates. I learned something today.

Here's a turtle I took a picture of a few years back while out biking.

@jaytom it could be a Wood Turtle, it is very good whatever it is 😊


Does US English ever use the word "tortoise"? (Genuine enquiry!)

@littlegravitas yeah, and I guess this is probably more specifically a tortoise, but unless you’re a reptile enthusiast most don’t make the distinction


Interesting. In UK English (no judgement being made!) the tendency is to call them tortoises unless they're the swimming kind, when turtle (or maybe terrapin). Language interest piqued by watching Travelers, where a definite tortoise was called a turtle!

@jaytom @littlegravitas
This, I did not know. He’s a lovely fella, what a thing to see on a walk out!

@jaytom impressed no one told you not to touch it (which is what has happened every time I have posted a cool turtle)

@alex can’t imagine someone on here being a scold to a complete stranger

@jaytom Noice. They don't have turtles like that in the woods that I hang out in.

@jaytom what an excellent turtle! My day would be made if I met a friend like that on my walk! ❤️ 🐢

@jaytom It's definitely a turtle, and quite cool, but what did it do that was so good? Just curious.

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