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a good trick if you can’t decide between two things: flip a coin. if you’re disappointed by the result, go with the other thing

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everyone stop and look at this incredibly good turtle I met in the woods today

in the beginning, eugen created mastodon

this caused quite a controversy and has been widely considered "a bad move"

my son is workin his way through the crash bandicoot remaster and has gotten into the habit of yelling "NOT TODAY!" whenever he jumps on an enemy

also gave up on stuff that started to feel like homework, like The Allusionist. I love Helen Zaltzman, but I don’t have room in my brain for any more language stuff

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my podcast subscription list used to be extremely long. between bouncing on news podcasts after Ukraine and stuff ending, I’m down to maybe 4

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I know that, not unlike TV shows, it’s unreasonable to expect podcasts to continue to make new episodes forever. I guess the thing that bugs me about podcasts is how often they just, unceremoniously, end. no warning. sometimes not even a “hey we’re not doing this anymore” episode

Traditional American jobs:

- fur trapper
- adulterer
- person injured in a sled crash
- fence whitewasher
- unemployed farmer
- sea captain driven to madness
- disillusioned journalist
- gold rush prospector
- southern lawyer
- catcher in the rye
- cowboy with a dark secret
- Jay Gatsby

If you could get your parents to quit Facebook they would very quickly become nicer people

I just changed my avi the other day, but it does feel like a summertime change is due

1994 #AlbumBowl - Quarterfinal #4

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If you SOB’s don’t give me the beat, I’m gonna free my boot in your ass

didn't expect to go on instagram and get punched in the head. whew

alright y’all, I’m calling it a night. if you’re gonna vote in the while I’m gone, you’d better vote for Illmatic

sheep go to heaven. goats go to hell. capybaras have escaped the wheel of suffering and achieved nirvana

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