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Hello I am also on @jasonscheirer

I live in the Bay Area and like to have fun.

When mom is sick we watch YouTube lullabies until we’re too sleepy to function

Frozen II has been on Disney+ for just a week and I’m already sick and tired of it

YouTube is advertising military boarding schools to me now so I guess the Google Marketing Hivemind already knows how my kid is gonna turn out better than I do

Oh hell yes this load of laundry was washed with Dreft

Gonna walk around all day and every time I catch a whiff of myself I’m gonna panic and look for a baby and remember that it is I who is the baby smell haver

I’m an okay but not a great dad? If he wants rice for lunch and he refuses to eat otherwise, the rice cooker is gonna cool off and wind up on the couch.

My woke son just threw his milk on the ground in solidarity with baleen whales (I think?)

My child is like Gollum, but with Strawberry Milk instead of the One Ring

We’ve graduated from watching Moana on loop to Rio on loop and now we’re on Wall•E on loop. They grow up so fast.

race kind of 

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