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Hello I am also on

I live in the Bay Area and like to have fun.

Kind of amazing how fast my kid just accepted the fact that the YouTube/YouTube Kids app just “disappeared” from every device in the house recently. Definitely prefer the sound of Khan Academy Kids/Pok Pok on his iPad.

My kid is obsessed with the Extended Ghostbusters Universe at this time and all I have to say is bustin' makes me feel good

The saddest day in a parent's life is when one's child speaks clearly enough to start demanding things of Siri

Dang, it's supposed to blizzard all the way from the valley floor to the ocean. Could be nasty

The best part about the kid joining us in bed are the bruised ribs after he kicks the shit out of me in my sleep

Today was “I am a monkey day” on the morning walk so he pretended to climb every tree, poorly

Kid insists on only mixing his chocolate milk with a milk frother

I’m moist with sweat, tired from travel, and mentally exhausted with YouTube garbage and yet he continues to demand time and attention and chicken nuggets

Proud moment: he learned to string the string cheese

Dropping the kid off at the Montessori pre-school and it’s all Outbacks and Teslas in the parking lot

I watch my kid enthralled watching other kids open toys on YouTube and think, how weird, we could do that ourselves. Why are we wasting our lives watching someone else live for us?

Then I think of all the murder shows I’ve watched.

Taught myself how to solder which has just opened me up to a whole new universe of dad chores

Managed a week at home while working and the kid out of day care with no spousal help and wow, this is terrible, I never want to do this again.

If my child were old enough to watch the Blair Witch Project this particular behavior would be disturbing

What is Peter Parker’s alter ego?

A kid on the local private Minecraft server asked what the keyboard shortcut was to take a screenshot and I told him Alt-F4. And so continues the cycle of abuse.

I grudgingly respect Blippi as he is a human shitpost

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