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i'm so grateful you're allowed to be a dad even if you did a lot of dumb stuff before

New from Chimlet, it’s Gompers, the bite-sized labor history podcast for kids!

Thinking about how great it's gonna be when my kids get older and want to sleep in, so that I can sleep in too, but also so that I can go running before they're awake and lord it over them like Calvin's Dad come to life

still a big regret that i never was able to convince my wife to name any of our kids some ridiculous bullshit like Jimothy or Ronathan

love to use my newest tool to undo a fuckup from an old diy project

I've had a song with only two lines from a kids podcast stuck in my head for approximately 32 hours, AMA

when your child is getting impatient and asking "how much longer" over and over, a "fun" thing you can do is start to explain that some people believe the future has already happened, and that our friends are already at our house, and have already gone home and gone to bed, and he too is already asleep and already at preschool again.

no idea what manner of existential confusion i've planted in him this time, but it got him to stop asking.

of all the decisions I've made over the years without fully considering the consequences & implications, having kids is one of the better ones

Paul Atreides, holding his newborn children: im the Kwisatz Daderach lol

alc mention 

next time someone says "oh wow working from home must be so nice" i will tell them that i just got interrupted in the middle of a task by a kid kerfuffle, went to go help, and unknowingly sat down in the spill that started the argument. i had to change clothes (and post a gripe about it) before i could get back to the task. how nice!

i'm so grateful you're allowed to be a dad even if you did a lot of dumb stuff before

we always listened to Car Talk in the ratty old church van on our way back from boy scout trips. I think at one point my dad sent off for a cassette tape of an episode that especially cracked him up

a nice little piece looking back on NPR's Car Talk, absolute Dad Culture legends, with surviving cohost Ray Magliozzi

roughly how many times a day are y'all doing a lap around the house to make sure lights are turned off?



unexpected benefit of both kids going to preschool is now when i have to do minor handy projects around the house, not only is nobody stealing my tools and trying to bang them on the windows, but i can cuss as many times and as loudly as i need to

took care of a couple house chores this evening during Harry Potter playtime by saying I was Harry, and M was Mr Filch supervising my detention, and he was a liiiitle too eager to play taskmaster

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