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i'm so grateful you're allowed to be a dad even if you did a lot of dumb stuff before

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he wasn't thrilled about it, but it wasn't nearly as bad as i expected. i guess we're all having some measure of trouble appreciating that he's 5 years old now, and not a toddler anymore. maybe i underestimated him.

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J's newest resistance tactic is just unbuckling his car seat restraint while the car is moving, if he's upset or doesn't want to go somewhere. so, today we are lying to him about why we're going to target, so that he can get his first vaccine dose. this already sucks and it's going to get worse!

latest batch of finished schoolwork they sent home includes a "My Pet Turkey" worksheet with a prompt that says "If I had a pet turkey..."

M wrote: "it whod be able to control the sun and moon it whod be a god"

Yesterday: spent an hour at the hardware store puzzling out the pieces for like three different honey-do projects

Today: discovered there's a whole ass light fixture i need to replace


ahaha they already gave up on it. i love these kids but their attention spans are more like points than spans!

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watching The Empire Strikes Back tonight, kiddos' first time. They didn't even have the attention span to finish the last one but they insisted... im in for some explaining haha

When we were reading Sandra Boynton's The Going To Bed Book to toddlers, we would laugh at the "they all go up to exercise" part, because, what is that!?

and now around 7:30 most evenings, my children spontaneously run laps up and down the hallway, or play dog-toy tug-of-war or "the spin around game" (to play: spin around. if your hand hits the other person, they are obliged to fall down.)

I have deleted an even more cynical and negative post about the holiday season, here. Cheers and death to America, friends

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thank goodness the kids have a whole week off for Thanksgiving break. They've just been at school *so much* the past two years, a week at home is what we all needed.

And it's great that so many families have plenty of time to visit family out of state before returning to school, I can't see any problems with that right now.

heads up to cool.dads and all other awesome caregivers -- @datatitian has restarted the Guppe Groups platform, and has created a parenting group at @parenting

i'm extremely excited to wake M up for the lunar eclipse tomorrow night if the weather cooperates. he likes watching the moon go through its phases, and space in general, so he's gonna love it

I feel like I still don't know how to properly talk about what we're living through over here, or where to look for more help. It's increasingly plain that our kids are like, very not neurotypical (and uhhh neither are their parents?) and we are constantly trying to play catch-up figuring out how to give them both support and comfort while still giving ourselves room to breathe.

the other night M came and slept in our bed -- this time, he was pretty quiet and chill about it. but then around 5:30 in the morning, one of the dogs starts licking the hell out of himself, really going to town. it wakes all of us up. and M immediately sighs and says, "oh jesus"

and without missing a beat my wife says, "well he didn't get that from me"

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oh man i forgot to tell y'all about a moment we had

got my kids' vax appointments scheduled!!!

🎶 tell me who's that beeping
Close the 'frigerator
Tell me who's that beeping
Close the 'frigerator

we kinda fell off of Pokemon Go here, but we've played again the past few days. folks, it's meltingly adorable to hear a 6 year old say "Pumpkaboo" over and over

i did whistle "the mario music" behind M while he walked down the sidewalk for a while. but i'm so mad i forgot to, at any point, sing "swing your arms, from side to side, c'mon it's time to go do the mario!"

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