@alex also buy the visual guide as movie plots are no longer self-contained narratives

@phooky all I learned from it through three kids is that the good, reliable money is in mobile pediatric anesthesiology

Odd how my previous unlisted post here does not appear in the local timeline tab. @alex is that to be expected?

I assume this “unlisted post” is the type that will stay in this instance, which is a feature exclusive to this Mastodon fork.

I’m in the midst of an attempted 60-hour fast. It will be my longest to date. I might take it past 72 hours. Need to reset my guts after the last two weeks.

@shane My parents’ bedroom had this problem. I wonder if it still happens in that house. It would have outlived their marriage and my father.

food adjacent 

@alex Be glad you didn't buy a house with a security system from the early aughts. Holy hell.

maybe this is my texas upbringing talking but if I have to discuss a visit to a corn maze one more damn time…

@shane I wish I'd done this recently. Just the one free weekend in London wasn't enough.

jd asked about a baby pool so here it is 

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