maybe this is my texas upbringing talking but if I have to discuss a visit to a corn maze one more damn time…

@shane I wish I'd done this recently. Just the one free weekend in London wasn't enough.

jd asked about a baby pool so here it is 

@shane Or, in the case of when I was riding my bike this morning and almost hit by a car turning where I had right of way, in spite of being well-illuminated, also shouting at the driver.

Who has two thumbs and cannot adjust to sunrise starting later every day?

leveling up the dad ladder as I ease the kids into the Phil Collins catalogue

@shane and here I was thinking you'd cracked open a popular mechanics and installed that bad boy

Cubs are gonna end 2019 like 2018, stumble into a division runoff that they'll lose followed by a wild card game that they'll lose. (Wild card game is not the postseason. Fight me.)

@mastodad I still have nightmares about tests after missing classes. How do I get in on some sweet middle-aged nightmares like yours?

@shane Would you consider it at all useful for a 12-years-old young man who's actively learning the drums?

I keep coming back to this album. It puts me in a happy place every damn time.

@mastodad This is why I've never wanted a pool. I'll go as far as a hot tub but no farther.

@mastodad just glad that the next heavy rain won't lead to embarrassing waterfalls coming from my gutters

@mastodad my front corner downspout had wet packed maple seeds inside the elbow piece that were growing seedlings. One of my rear downspouts just had dried maple seeds over it, so it was a matter of just scooping and sweeping. I was bummed that I didn't need the snake for that one.

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