@shane I’m trying to fight my way back down to around 200, after slowly gaining back weight from my low point last May (185) to my more recent peak of 225. Unfortunately, if my life requires proper pants, I would need to purchase some. I guess the lesson is hoard all of your clothes forever.

@alex My gas-powered snowblower is at least 15 years old. The shop that maintains covets its engine. I'm going to see if they're willing to trade for an all-electric blower.

@alex I just bought several Ryobi battery-powered things for the yard: mower and expand-it trimmer and edger. All use the 40V batteries. Nice to mow a yard without being coated in gasoline exhaust and nearly deaf.


@alex I have so many fancy cloth diapers laying around my house, in case you want to go all in on those.

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@john @twitter And let’s be clear here. The Administration here is consumed with the performance of the stock market and loss of income at certain properties run by the President that have been closed.

“The economy” as a phrase is used deceptively by them and is not understand by the average citizen. As as has been stated before:

“the markets”:”the economy”::weather:geology.

It’s akin to appeasing a volcano or weather god.

uspol , COVID-19 

@john @twitter Speaking of conscription, one thing they’ve done in China is conscript political operatives as wardens to ensure people were honoring isolation orders. My colleague’s father is one such person.

While at first this screams of totalitarianism, the numbers we see from China tell the story of effectiveness. Other anecdotes back this up. They might be fudging data, but they are slowly ramping up their economy again, as evidenced by emissions detection.

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@shane ah yes Working From Home... a classic

‪Having an active kid in the Midwest means some amount of my time is spent inside a facility that smells like feet.

@shane I recommend Tor Åge Bringsvaerd‘s “Codemus” from 1967. As broadly prophetic as 1984 and its ilk are considered, this short story is prophetic in eerily specific ways.

@shane also holy hell does that soundtrack bang or slam or whatever kids say these days when they like some music

@shane just watched Tron Legacy again, and I think Flynn was onto something

@alex also buy the visual guide as movie plots are no longer self-contained narratives

@phooky all I learned from it through three kids is that the good, reliable money is in mobile pediatric anesthesiology

Odd how my previous unlisted post here does not appear in the local timeline tab. @alex is that to be expected?

I assume this “unlisted post” is the type that will stay in this instance, which is a feature exclusive to this Mastodon fork.

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