I have found a weekly podcast called The Trap Set, about drummers, which has an astonishing list of guests for being only four years along. Worth looking at if that's interesting at all to you.


@shane Would you consider it at all useful for a 12-years-old young man who's actively learning the drums?

@giromide good question! Ummmm... So, yes, but in the sense that the best learning I've ever done as a musician was having people point me to their influences. And it seems like there's a lot of that in this show. At that stage I'd mostly recommend listening to a shit-ton of music he loves, but this could be a good way to find it. It's not technical at all. One note: to *me* 12 seems probably fine, but be advised these are adults talking like adults.

@giromide which is to say, for example, Steven Drozd is in recovery and candid about that. So, not just like swearing, but adult, not-always-positive experiences with rock and roll.

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