maybe this is my texas upbringing talking but if I have to discuss a visit to a corn maze one more damn time…

Who has two thumbs and cannot adjust to sunrise starting later every day?

leveling up the dad ladder as I ease the kids into the Phil Collins catalogue

Cubs are gonna end 2019 like 2018, stumble into a division runoff that they'll lose followed by a wild card game that they'll lose. (Wild card game is not the postseason. Fight me.)

I keep coming back to this album. It puts me in a happy place every damn time.

just unclogged a downspout with a plumber's snake ama

these were purchased at the container store before they bought elfa outright and stopped selling competitive brands

not even sure if skandia shelves are a thing any more and these are over 20 years old and look beat up as all hell

as the saying goes: when the wife's away, move the skandia shelves in a very unorthodox way

‪Family watching Free Rein means I get to walk around the house randomly shouting "Fancy riding a horse?" in a pidgin pan-English accent.‬

This same dog survived being thrown from a moving car on a highway in Kentucky along with her sister six months ago. Someone found them soon after and took them to be treated. They were moved to downstate Illinois as it's a no-kill state and were placed in the foster system. Eventually, she found her forever home with us.

Our rescue puppy, Latte, jumped out of our minivan at an intersection in our village's downtown. She was caught under and dragged by a car that swung around not knowing she was loose. She ran off and was missing for an hour. We found her in an alley under a dumpster with some road rash, small cuts, and a gash on her leg. She was treated overnight and is upset and uncomfortable but otherwise in better shape than she could have been.

Father's Day ended on whatever kind of note you'd call my mother trying to get me to commit to flying to Texas in two weeks to attend a reception celebrating her third marriage.

My son, aged 12, is binge-watching Madam Secretary. This has been a dad toot.

Maple tree helicopter seeds: marvel of flora reproduction or evidence of the devil? Film at 11.

The last two minutes of the track "Both Sides" is pure euphoria.

I have honestly listened to this whole album start to finish at least 20 times in the last three weeks. I'm sure people at work are amused at how I move along to this at my standing desk. I don't care.

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