‪Having an active kid in the Midwest means some amount of my time is spent inside a facility that smells like feet.

Odd how my previous unlisted post here does not appear in the local timeline tab. @alex is that to be expected?

I assume this “unlisted post” is the type that will stay in this instance, which is a feature exclusive to this Mastodon fork.

I’m in the midst of an attempted 60-hour fast. It will be my longest to date. I might take it past 72 hours. Need to reset my guts after the last two weeks.

maybe this is my texas upbringing talking but if I have to discuss a visit to a corn maze one more damn time…

Who has two thumbs and cannot adjust to sunrise starting later every day?

leveling up the dad ladder as I ease the kids into the Phil Collins catalogue

Cubs are gonna end 2019 like 2018, stumble into a division runoff that they'll lose followed by a wild card game that they'll lose. (Wild card game is not the postseason. Fight me.)

I keep coming back to this album. It puts me in a happy place every damn time.

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just unclogged a downspout with a plumber's snake ama

these were purchased at the container store before they bought elfa outright and stopped selling competitive brands

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not even sure if skandia shelves are a thing any more and these are over 20 years old and look beat up as all hell

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as the saying goes: when the wife's away, move the skandia shelves in a very unorthodox way

‪Family watching Free Rein means I get to walk around the house randomly shouting "Fancy riding a horse?" in a pidgin pan-English accent.‬

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