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Update 4/2021:

:vinyl_record: the "vintage"-y effects on the main station have been ramped up to add some compression and make it even more old-radio-like

🔊 there is now a HQ station at if you want to listen to without the vintage effect

Track count: 2658; 7 days of continuous music

Recent album additions:
James Taylor's "JT"
Aretha Franklin's "Aretha" and "Love All The Hurt Away"
Gerry Rafferty's "City to City" 🎷

"薔薇のグラス" by ラジ is now spinning on

"スウィート・インスピレーション (2020 Backing Track)" by Sigeru Suzuki is now spinning on

"ロング・ディスタンス" by 前野曜子 is now spinning on

"You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned" by The Alan Parsons Project is now spinning on

"0時のメインストリート" by 古家杏子 is now spinning on

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