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E busted her head open while she was with Grandma.

needed 3 staples but she took it like a champ. proud of her

diaper daddy means something else on the internet

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all you can do is just lotion like crazy.

they gave us some steroid cream, but we only used it when it would get super bad.

we tried a lot of random crap to help with E's eczema, but it mostly went away on its own.

her cheeks were pretty bad up until she turned 1, then it went away.

he patches on her elbows went away around the same time.

her knees are still kind of a blow up

breaking into the ruins of my dad alt account and stealing all the copper wires for reselling

my E's a dancer, every time she starts dancing I yell "GET IT!"

shes now taken to yelling that when she sees others dancing or she herself is dancing

wifes out to Anaheim for a work thing this week and im solo parenting!

im not too stressed about it, tonight went pretty smooth

E can say "Doggie" now and she absolutely loves screaming it in joy when she sees a pupper.

Shes a terror with smaller dogs, but shes really nice with bigger dogs.

my daughter and wife both want a puppy

im concerned about the additional poops i will have to clean up

We have a CD player in the kid’s room to play his dumb nursery rhymes. I found my old CD folder (remember those?) and instead put The Aquabats on. Hell yes, kid, you’re going to grow up thinking ska is cool and it will be tragic.

people keep saying parenthood is all about the "experience" but tbh i've already hit the level cap so it's really more like post-game content

my girl was wearing a harness backpack and walking around the bedroom playing and it just hit me.

shes barely 2, but im gonna be a blubbering mess when shes ready for school.

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