A good book 

This tiny collab between Robert Coover and Art Spiegelman put out by Isolarii is the jam. They have a discussion about it between the two up on their site here: isolarii.com/media/pages/home/

Boat Sauce 

File under things that probably aren't racist but feel a lil racist somehow.

“Days don’t stop but your living stops.”
Kid nailed the human condition.

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i think the santa myth discourages kids from *giving* gifts on christmas

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I do not respect “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” Learn the word “conifer” and try again you wretch.

Just caught Suspiria with the original score played live. Five minutes in I leaned over to my wife and said “I am having the time of my life.”

When the 12 hour brown noise YouTube track is paused somewhere in the middle? I'll just hit play. Don't even go back to the beginning. I'm bad to the bone.

Neighbor was out at 8:30 am in shorts and flip flops cleaning out his gutters for like the third time this fall. Buddy, please, find another hobby. Take up needlework or a porn addiction or something, you're skewing the dad expectations for the whole neighborhood.

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Today I learned the word "withersake" or "wythersake," meaning an adversary or an apostate, from OE wiþersaca—delightfully, this is the same wither- as in withershins or widdershins, literally "against the sun."


Spend a lifetime wondering how Crystal's weird hair band stays in place and they resolved it by just painting black stripes on a wig. Cinema is magic.

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"Prudish" and "prurient"—too similar. Get em' outta here.

Last night I remembered they made an Inhumans show and got curious and watched an episode and now I know why I didn't remember they'd made an Inhumans show.

Wow, I've been accused of changing my kids' names for their disney profiles to "Butt 1" and "Butt 2." I don't know why suspicion would automatically fall on me.

Shout out to lowering your voice slightly when you're at the lumberyard, a classic of gender performance.

Marvel snap chat, again, I’m sorry. 

Also I think ebony maw is fun as hell and I never see him used.

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Marvel snap chat, again, I’m sorry. 

Fun fact: Hulk Buster will stack on itself.

Wood should be free. More money gets you a better board? Kinda sucks!

Copped two tickets to the upcoming Sunn 0))) but now I face the age-old dilemma of either taking my wife to a show she’ll hate or asking a friend on a pretty intimate friend date.

Rules to live by. 

My kid’s list for himself today. Pretty solid ethos for a happy life.

Problem with Joseph Campbell is that stylistically he’s such a fun writer, it’s easy to forget you should be taking him only as seriously as you would, say, Malcolm Gladwell.

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