The time change from Europe means that the kids are now getting up at 3am, raring to go.

Thought we'd count how many questions my daughter asks in an hour because it seemed like she's been asking a lot lately.

Gave up after 4 minutes when we had already reached 20.

@alex Thanks! We've used it for years with our kids. He always wanted to share it.

If anyone is looking for bedtime wind down music, I made my late father-in-law's album available as a free download.

Professor Bear's Bedtime Blues:

Internet Archive:

My son was convinced he needed to catch this pigeon so he could sleep with it.

Today we are getting the first hand opportunity to compare French healthcare with Peruvian healthcare. So far, not quite impressed with the French version.

Kids insisted on coming along to the grocery store so they got to hold the groceries on the way back. is a Mastodon instance for dads, running the Hometown fork of Mastodon.