Bad internet culture cringe 

*sharing a lemon poppy seed muffin with daughter this morning*

Her: this muffin is SO GOOD, we should have a lemon party!

*letting son sit in the passenger seat while I move the car into the garage from the driveway*

Him: "I'm sitting in the front seat like an old person!"

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Should have mentioned that the connection is over Wi-Fi through my GL.iNet travel router which establishes the VPN connection to the TP-Link.

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What would cause my internet connection, which is currently routed through OpenVPN to my TP-Link router at home, to randomly block some apps and make my android phone think there is no internet?

I’m thinking maybe some ports are being blocked at the router?

Finally found a convenient storage space for the spouse.

Finished a garden project today just in time to do some planting at the end of this week.

Managed to repair the dishwasher today with a $7 part. So, you know, I guess I got that going for me.

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My kids' school doesn't teach handwriting nor typing. The only form of communication these kids know is swiping on a smart phone.

Anybody use the FolderSync app on Android and know how to make it put files in folders with a 'yyyy/MMM' format? I can't figure out the JavaScript date format thing they describe here:

- Me: What's the name of that place that buys the kid's old clothes and toys again?
- Me: Play It Again Kids ?
- Me: Once, Twice, Three Time a Baby ?
- Me: I Had a Child Once ?
- Her: *sigh* Once. Upon. a Child.

So an host that has 5 properties, none of which has any reviews, that's probably a red flag huh?

#Facebook group export tool search 

Every month or two I search around to see if anyone has developed a way to export a group. Still only finding questionable and expensive scrapers.

Our vacuum cleaner is now 100% dedicated to the capture and extermination of box elder bugs.

Spoke on the phone today with a relative from Norway. She kept apologizing for her English in perfect English.

Visiting other countries is great and relatively easy to do (with acknowledgement of the privilege granted by my US passport). The difficult part is convincing them to let you stay.

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