total recall, which is still incredible, is on netflix

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ct boosted costs $20 a month to host on a Linode with 4GB of RAM and 80GB of storage, and the domain registration is $44 a year. I host, update, and moderate the instance for free. If you can help out:

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Whoa... check this out... someone put the "This is not a place of honor" meme on an old sign! This owns!! Bro let's make a fucken city here

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Now here’s a deep cut reference: as pointed out by @RavenWorks, the space stadium from the ending of Ganbare Inu-chan is a direct reference to the gameplay arena from Pararena.

really thought my follower count on here was going to soar when all the blue checkmarks were locked out of twitter

two things I forgot about FLETCH until I rewatched it last night:
- William Sanderson is in it
- It's all about how cops are bad

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my wife had to go back to work so it's just me, the kids, my job, and their online cooking camp. it's touch-and-go. also we walked down to the local ice cream place in the middle of the afternoon because why not.

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Setup instructions from the manual of Ganbare! Dog-chan (Bandai/Emotion Digital Software, Mac/Windows, 1995)

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the one good thing about being sucked into k8s hell these past few days is i've stopped playing fire emblem

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embracing my destiny and listening to CANYON by the Paul Winter Consort on repeat

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As some of y'all are aware, I was laid off from my job recently.

Therefore I'm reworking my Patreon page to support not only the hosting costs for and but also my creative work like the podcast on and my Overwatch League related writing on and the music blog on

My Patreon page is here:

Boosts on this post are appreciated.

the lads and I have talked ourselves into trying to climb the mountain that is Peter Jackson's Hobbit

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The full name of Boston Logan is actually the Jake and Logan Paul International Airport.

getting my kids into the kids in the hall using the ultimate gateway drug, “these are the daves I know”

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chess is not gay enough, and for that reason has ceded marketshare to superior competitors such as fire emblem three houses

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