not much to be done except to once again spend the afternoon listening to brewer & shipley's "witchi-tai-to" on repeat

younger son got mad at older son and destroyed the bracket, but after everything blew over we rebuilt it in a spreadsheet

the kids have constructed a 64-entry bracket of TABS units and are methodically making their way through all the battles

tonight's movie selection: WARGAMES starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy

younger son taught older son to play towerfall. now we're cookin

went to the DMV to test out a hypothesis that it still sucks. it turns out, the data supports this theory. that’s called science.

spent some time over the weekend with younger son in a tahoe ski bar (the others were on the slopes)., being serenaded by a 2-man blues/honky-tonk combo featuring a 50ish bassist with a bowlegged stance, a trilby, a graying ponytail, rolled up jeans, and chucks, who was repeatedly introduced by his co-conspirator as "the shizz"

the kids are agitating to let them watch HEAT. not so sure about this one. is a Mastodon instance for dads, running the Hometown fork of Mastodon.