managed to follow the arcane instructions of several intersecting wikis and also various undocumented things that had to be learned from a discord in order to install a botw mod on our wii u via a side channel, as requested by (and to the delight of) our younger son. FEELING POWERFUL

younger son left my sandals on the street in pismo beech or something so i no longer have house shoes. i’ve been wearing this pair of crocs that belongs to older son and… I might just start wearing these all the time.

Obi-wan Episode 3 (I am watching this with younger son) 

"When I left I was but the learner, now I am the master.... oh also there was that time we dueled in front of a giant pile of dirt"

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Obi-wan Episode 3 (I am watching this with younger son) 

Having Obi-wan and Vader fight is a mistake, narratively. I buy (and even like) the idea of Kenobi being terrified of his apprentice, and it makes his final confrontation in ep 4 that much more heroic. But this random skirmish deflates that structure. Plus, they're fighting in a vacant lot lol looks neat, but I think at this point in my life I am committed to posting less, not more

I watched RRR and it rules to an extent for which I was unprepared

instead of paying thousands of dollars for that uncanny valley shit you should commission @modernmodron to make a pixeltuber for you

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Amaroq is now just crashing on startup, not sure why

New blog post: I dug up a cancelled Mac game so rare, there isn’t a single post about it on the internet! You read it here first.

Spellgram would have been a CD-ROM adventure game from Bandai with a focus on symbols and hidden spells, and it was going to be directed by Takehiko Ito, the creator of Outlaw Star. Honestly it looks pretty interesting. I’ve included a gallery with every screenshot I’ve recovered.

it is always deez nuts o’clock with younger son these days, so i showed him the ed balls tweet and he laughed himself silly

Spelljammer, one of the staples of my bathroom reading sessions as a lad, is returning to D&D 5E. A happy day.

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