This movie kept making me think, “what if an Englishman tried to make BENEDETTA?” Anyways it’s bonkers and I enjoyed it. Peter Capaldi and Christopher Lloyd looked approximately the same at this moment in time.

the thing where bouie and ganz read the front page of the NYT from the day the movie they are discussing was released has become my favorite podcast bit

watching THE SPANISH PRISONER (1997) with older son: had to pause to explain late-80s/early-90s anti-Japanese xenophobia

amazon prime currently appears to have the director’s cut of KINGDOM OF HEAVEN

are a pepperidge farm chessmen for the first time in 20+ years and it’s secretly a great cookie?

short story about a laptop bought off Craigslist, Worcester, and time travel 

Short science fiction story that I wrote on gentrification in New England, old online communities & old laptops, which first appeared in the Terraform anthology book. Now free to read online!

The whole book is amazing

If rats learn how to vomit it’s over for us all

nyt spelling bee spoilers 

BYTECODE is not in the dictionary, FOH

older son played the melody from starcraft's “terran theme 1” by ear on the violin just now, so I guess music education is paying off

by all means throw some money toward mastodon's patreon if you use one of the official instances or want to support development, but remember that other instances are not funded through this money.

check out your admin's profile or the server's about page to see if they provide a way to chip in.

Back when Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy did the Red Sox broadcast on NESN, there was a night when there was going to be a lunar eclipse, and Remy said that this was when "the sun passes between the earth and the moon" and Orsillo started laughing so hard he began to cry and they had to kill his mic. Later, they found some elementary school kids in the bleachers and interviewed them for the correct answer. I've never found it on youtube.

🌓🌎🌞 <-- lunar eclipse

🌎🌓🌞 <-- solar eclipse

🌎🌞🌗 <-- apocalypse

I have finally watched THE KEEP and it's the funniest thing ever.

Thanks to @edsu I have a new favorite way to read mastodon on the command line:

It works really nicely and my favorite part is every time you favorite a toot it pops this up, FULL SCREEN:

It’s important to learn something new every day. Today, I learned that Jon Bon Jovi was born John Bongiovi Jr, and that he has a child named Jake. Jake Bongiovi. (Who is dating Millie Bobby Brown.)

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