Happy Father’s Day to all, and to all a good day.

Hello. Wow it’s been a whole while since I was last active here 😳

Does anyone have suggestions for good shed build plans? I’m looking for plans and materials lists.

Going through the ten month sleep regression. Haven’t slept in two days... I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine.

Hows the WiFi?

Feeling under the weather atm, she thinks it's just a cold though.

Anyone here know much about plumbing? I have a mixer tap in the bathroom that has a reduced flow and the water now only seems to come out one side of the spout. The mixing functionality works the same just a reduced flow.

@Juju you were wondering what noisy toys to buy? I just remembered the worst ones we got given πŸ˜‚

For each child it works out to be Β£30k for the entire time spent in nursery; Β£60k for both, thats Porsche 911 money!

I did begin to wonder why we struggled to keep the lights on last month...

Ugh... we are now paying more for childcare than for our actual mortgage. This sucks. I just worked out that over the four years our little one will be in nursery for we will have paid out nearly Β£50k, the same again for her little sister.

Thats fucked up.

Apparently when my wife asked me to take a nice photo of our newborn outside she expected me to remove the sleeping bag thing...

It’s been about twelve days, but this little one was born recently and is currently consuming all my time and energy.

My daughter just pointed at the lava lamp after I switched it on and said β€œlamp is loading” ... this is what high latency internet does people.


Talking about little ones. Mine has been going through potty training.

She has done well but that’s not the reason for this toot.

I’m puzzled how poop of such offensive girth could ever be produced by a little human.

Hiding downstairs with all the lights off, not making a noise. In the futile hope my little one goes to sleep...

This offended my friend who upon my stopping him from fighting the guy proceeded to enter into the nearby DIY store and bought the strongest paint thinner they sold, gingerly took the lid off and using some scrap card managed to place the whole tin upside down on the roof of the car without spilling a drop.

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Talking about car parking. More than ten years ago I was hanging out with a friend of questionable upbringing at a commercial park and we saw a asshole guy speed into a parent space stealing it from a mother trying to back in and he cackled as he swanned off flipping her the finger as she futility beeped her horn.

It’s inappropriate to make a β€œdad joke” if you are not a dad.... It's a faux pa.

We finally fitted a blind to the kitchen window, so now I no longer get weird looks by parents taking their children to school when I wash up topless; well I probably do but the blind is down far enough I no longer make eye contact.

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