Mastodon 4.0 to long-term invested users: What are you gonna do, go back to LJ?

My icebox brings all the boys to the plums
That's right it's better than yours

Masto masto masto don. I want to be a mastodon

By some weird coincidence, the water tank for the new coffee maker fits right into the door of the fridge water dispenser. Different brands and all that.

Watched the Tom Cruise/Morgan Freeman movie Oblivion. A very paint by numbers sci-fi film which was exactly what I was in the mood for

Hi, the first 3 people who send me an email address will get a free one-month subscription to @Pixley 's excellent newsletter Don't Threaten Me with a Good Lifetime.

The subscriber only content is really good!

I think Waldo is a couple costume with Carmen Sandiego

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Is it rude to point and shout "Found Waldo!" at someone wearing a Waldo costume?

Be Prime Minister without resigning.

Your time starts now.

"The fat, flightless and nocturnal parrot is the only species to reign twice as New Zealand’s favourite bird, in 2020 and 2008. This year, however, it will be conspicuously absent, amid concerns that its continued dominance could divert the spotlight from less charismatic candidates."

You either die a sex symbol or live long enough to be salad dressing guy

Living on the edge by going over the max fill line on the kettle


Panizza - pizza folded in half and cooked in a panini press

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