Quail eggs 

Finally, I can live the dream of being a giant

Winnie the Pooh in the Multiverse of Madness

Okay Only Murders in the Building we get it, your producers know a lot of famous people!

I wrote about a movie where day is night and up is down and non-murderers are murderers, please read about some DIRTY LITTLE DEEDS #DTMWaGL https://dtmwagl.substack.com/p/dirty-little-deeds-dtmwagl-40

doctor: the great clown pagliacci is in town. go to see him, it will make you feel better. tickets start at £10.
patient: wow, thanks doctor, i will go and do that. (leaves)
pagliacci: (taking off doctor costume) hehe another sale

Etsy: hey
me: no
Etsy: HEY
me: WHAT
Etsy: baby synthesizer

Welcome to the History of the Second World War Episode 1: The death of Louis the Pious in the year 840

I had been using this iron box as a toolbox for over 5 years

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Strictly Come Dancing

I have to have the vitamin in my mouth before checking it off my to do list otherwise I will forget if I took it

important Dall-E image 


My Threadless shop is open! 🍄


A few designs for now on t-shirts, I'll be adding more designs and more accessories as I go. There are many colors and styles, I hope you see something you like!

(Just an fyi about the linocut print designs— I limited shirt color because the design is black and wont show up on the darkest colors. I left in some medium-dark shirts in case you want the print to be subtle, but if you want to really see it you'll want a lighter color shirt)

Get smooth silk sheets from the Otis Bedding Company

dads.cool is over three years old and is hovering around 40 active dads right now and I just have to say I appreciate them and it very much, positive parenting spaces are few and far between and we have a real sweet crew of papas on here. Thanks to all of you for making it possible. 🧡

Plato hosting new TLC show Cave Boss

Open to be blessed again 

Now Alberto Vargas captured the look of the iconic pin-up girl, but what this sketch presupposes is, what if a shark

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Pokémon Miss Scarlet and Pokémon Professor Plum

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