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Excuse me. You have simply, made pizza incorrectly. You can eat it if you wish, but it is incorrect.

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Going to start Hypocrites Against Hypocrisy

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At the Snake Post Office we're not heroes, just humble civil serpents.

"Soft, dark brown onions in five minutes. That is a lie. Fully caramelized onions in five minutes more. Also a lie."


I think you brought this up, apologies if I tagged the wrong person.

I’m Pissed And I’m Naming Names. – Jamie Glowacki

There's a conspiracy by BIg Diaper to convince parents to delay potty training

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Bad timing, but here's a new #DTMWaGL, it's the one where I spend way too much time trying to figure out what hats are called, also there's a nail gun and some blackmail and even more hats

Today's energy is spending more time determining what podcast episode to listen to while doing a chore than it takes to do the chore itself

cursed, COVID reference, Christmas song that was ALREADY problematic 

Baby, There's COVID Outside

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For the last time, it's *not* a typo. We just need to know your local mailing adders.

*conservative voice* All Hallow's Adam and Eve, not All Hallow's Adam and Steve

The most horrendous NYC rat related article I've ever read in my LIFE 

The New York Times: New York Nightmare: Man Falls Through Sidewalk Into Rat-Filled Chasm.

“Rats crawling on him, he can’t move,” his brother, Greg White, told CBS New York. “He didn’t want to yell because he was afraid there were going to be rats inside his mouth.”

Watch "Veronica Mars "One way or another"" on YouTube

One of several wedge issues in Veronica Mars fandom is whether you like the "One Way or Another" karaoke scene

In 1866 the Spanish colonial rulers of the Philippines erected a monument to Magellan.

Later on the Philippines built a statue next to it of the guy who killed him.


Here on 27 April 1521, Lapulapu and his men repulsed the Spanish invaders, killing their leader Ferdinand Magellan thus Lapu Lapu became the first Filipino to have repelled European aggression."

I understand on an intellectual level that toddlers have no chill but on the other hand have you tried calming down just a little!?

Recording a podcast: ephemeral

Carving your text into the face of a sacred mountain: lasts over 2500 years

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