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I finally got into gear with this process (read: ordered a refoaming kit off ebay) when my wife put on a Stereloab LP and it was so shrill and rattly that we just gave up on listening. tested the same one just now and, to be fair, the opening cut on Transient Random​-​Noise Bursts With Announcements is just extremely dissonant, lol. but hearing "Pack Yr Romantic Mind"... :badabing:

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just reconfigured the living room stereo system with not only freshly refoamed speakers but also a receiver that my friend's in-laws were getting rid of, which is way superior to the old(er) one we had. now enjoying major improvements in:

- FM reception
- cable management
- ability of system to reproduce sounds below 100 Hz, like, at all

media conglomeration hellscape tech tip for a saturday night:

if you're on linux and you also suddenly lost the ability to watch anything on disney plus in the last few weeks, you just need to spoof your user-agent :yikes:

to set the context here, picture a small person scooting across a bathtub and saying, with increasing exasperation, "help please! glek. glek! GLEK."

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at a stage with toddler communication where I hear myself sounding like an automated voice assistant

"I'm sorry, I still didn't understand what you said. Are there other words you can try using to tell me what you need help with?"

turns out refoaming speakers is really satisfying, especially having finished one and panning back and forth to compare it with the other. potential slippery slope to other apply-special-glue-with-tiny-paintbrush hobbies though. just gonna do the second speaker and move on with my life, not start thinking about historically accurate model airplanes or anything.

hey, I know as many as 3 people have been waiting for an update on this and it's been a long delay. I took the crowd's advice and watched the first half of Blue Velvet, which was the right call even though I ultimately did not care much for the film. I finally started refoaming today and confirmed it would have been disastrous at time of poll. ironically, scraping at a speaker cone that you're peering into at close range is a great way to plunge into your own personal Lynch soundtrack.

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In the early 80s aired a really odd show on Québec's airwaves, Virulysse. For a long while I thought it was a fever dream from my youth but it turned our being real. It has some, uh, strange tonal focuses, let's say. Is it a kid's show? Or is it really dark cyberpunk? I still can't tell to this day. Here's a rare episode recovered from a VHS tape, to judge on your own.

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Kerb cuts (npl) — Accessibility features that are basically useful for everyone at some point. Like the lowered section of kerbs that are needed for wheelchair users to cross, but are helpful for pram pushers, cyclists, avid readers that don't want to trip up, and also provide a handy point to cross roads.

Full keyboard navigation in apps, image description, closed captions on mumbly Netflix dramas when the baby's asleep: these are all kerb cuts!

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radio, radio 

also @andy asked for my station list/URL collection so I popped it up into a pastebin, straight from the CSV file

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Internet radio is severely underrated—I much prefer it to other forms of music streaming—so I've finally gotten around to adding @fm to my internet radio client.

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radio, radio 

For the past month or so I've been trying to listen to the radio more, and since a lot of times I'm at my desk I've been using pyradio, a command line interface that basically just uses mpv to load up streaming URLs from radio stations. Actually getting the URLs was a bit of a pain but now I have a nice assortment of stations, either local to me or from my hometown or suggested by my birdsite followers

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Mastodon Meetups (Boston, elsewhere?) 

yes...i know, i know. most of us (the best of us) hate to leave the house. but don't discount how local tweet-ups around 2007ish led to increasing adoption of Twitter.
It would give people a chance to feel a lot more acclimated here with some component of offline engagement (with pandemic precautions, of course).

Anyway! if there's a sizable enough group in Greater Boston, let's take advantage of the dwindling meet outside weather..I'm happy to run a poll

I gotta cool it with the mastodon stuff. I've become a mod on my other instance.

food, paywalled (nyt) link 

I make this granola recipe every couple weeks, omitting the dried fruit and extra sugar (the maple syrup is plenty, as the commenters say)

today I used 2 cups of seeds collected while carving pumpkins yesterday, and it turned out super well with a nice subtle pumpkin flavor.

I have a tall glass of 1:1 apple cider + seltzer and a huge fistful of pepitas I roasted this morning. watch out.

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do countries other than america observe the “open enrollment period” holiday? personally I use the time to reflect on how much better everyone’s life could be if we replaced the entire system with socialized healthcare

Andy K S boosted and are accepting new users! these instances are trans-inclusive, friendly, and small spaces for parents, actively moderated and continuously operating for more than three and a half years.

Both sites also run hometown, a variant of mastodon that has features designed for small communities, like an option to post in a way only users can see.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by a huge space like .social or online, let me know! Happy to answer questions.

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