just reconfigured the living room stereo system with not only freshly refoamed speakers but also a receiver that my friend's in-laws were getting rid of, which is way superior to the old(er) one we had. now enjoying major improvements in:

- FM reception
- cable management
- ability of system to reproduce sounds below 100 Hz, like, at all

I'm pretty sure I can actually hear the wear on "Orinoco Flow" relative to the rest of this second-hand cassette. successful test!

@smurph I think it's from sometime in the 80s... an old roommate and I got it and a receiver for about $10 through craigslist from a guy in the Boston suburbs who was "upgrading" to all digital. It works great and has endured a lot of toddler button-mashing.

@andy The internet agrees with you on the time period: https://www.cassettedeck.org/teac/v-450x but really the design on the top right screams 80s so loud, who needs to check?

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