just reconfigured the living room stereo system with not only freshly refoamed speakers but also a receiver that my friend's in-laws were getting rid of, which is way superior to the old(er) one we had. now enjoying major improvements in:

- FM reception
- cable management
- ability of system to reproduce sounds below 100 Hz, like, at all

I finally got into gear with this process (read: ordered a refoaming kit off ebay) when my wife put on a Stereloab LP and it was so shrill and rattly that we just gave up on listening. tested the same one just now and, to be fair, the opening cut on Transient Random​-​Noise Bursts With Announcements is just extremely dissonant, lol. but hearing "Pack Yr Romantic Mind"... :badabing:


the greater is the beauty the profounder is the stain imho

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